Gears of retail: PC version to cost $10 extra

There must be something very special about Gears of War on the PC, because it is apparently going to cost gamers ten dollars MORE than other non-limited edition PC games.

Gears is listed on Gamestop/EBGames website with a pre-release date of 11/1/07 and the price tag of 59.99$ - the price point normally reserved for special and collector's edition games.

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ASSASSYN 36o3928d ago

Well there is about $10 worth of extra content. Compared to the 360 version.

xbox360elitegamer3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

I don't think 10$ more would really make a difference gamers love the game, they don't care if they pay an extra 10$ for the game, They will still buy the game.

HeavyweightInTheGame3928d ago

I'd love to pay an extra 10 bucks for the additional content for 360. Its just a damn shame that that situation looks very bleek at the moment.

Nicosia3928d ago

Well its far fetched but i think after a while x360 users might get it. I think its just to hype up the pc version. But yeah know.. time will tell.

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