BioWare: It Makes Sense For Us To Be Multiplatform "At GamesCom 2010, BioWare announced the news that many PS3 fans had been wanting for years, that Mass Effect was finally coming to their console.

We had the chance to speak to Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka at GamesCom about this move, and we asked them whether they'll be a full multiplatform developer moving forward."

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N4GAddict2114d ago

I would rather have that than the MMO

Nac2114d ago

Then you must have not been a fan of KotOR. Seeing as how the MMO isnt even in the KotOR timeframe or series.

Nac2113d ago

I was efering to tigersnake. I don't want the MMO either.

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darthv722114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

for allot of companies to be multiplatform. Doing that puts the focus on the talent of the programmers instead of the hardware they program for.

Problem is, this gen has not been about pushing the limits of each platform. Not like a few gens ago when there were dedicated teams for each version. As long as bioware makes ps3 the lead then it will mean everybody wins.

It would be neat to see what they could do with the wii however.

theafroman2114d ago

they dont port they have a dedicate team for each platform ps3 xbox pc.

avengers19782114d ago

it does make sense for more devs to be going multiplat, why cut your number of poetential sales automatically. Nintendo is the only company I can see not wanting this, since the strength of there first party games is really what keeps them going.

ShawnCollier2114d ago

Should be interesting to see how it turns out.

NYC_Gamer2114d ago

no 3rd party studio should limit themselves

frostypants2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

What they SHOULD do is create versions of the game that play to the strengths of each platform individually, like developers USED to do. None of this "lowest common denominator" garbage. If the 360 can do something better, DO it better on the 360. If the PS3 can do something better, DO it better. If the PC...etc etc.

cayal2114d ago

The cost wouldn't be worth it.

frostypants2114d ago

I know it will never be that way again. There was a time, though. A glorious, awesome time...

tinybigman2114d ago

i agree with you frosty, but like someone else said the cost would be really high so that might not be possible. you never know though

mrcash2114d ago

I know what you mean, the original xbox was always used to its potential, the thing is that the xbox was made with the developers in mind and was easy to develop for, and with the ps3 you need to invest a good amount of time to sqeeze out the good stuff.

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Hades13372114d ago

Then why not support other platforms from the start? Developers often like to change their tunes don't they *cough*Gabe Newell*cough*.

N4GAddict2114d ago

I think their tunes changed when EA bought them

HeroXIV2114d ago

God bless EA. Think I'll be buying every title (excluding sports) from now until about mid 2011. :D

tinybigman2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

i don't think EA bought them, i think they just publish the games for them.

i just looked it up and nowhere does it say that EA bought them.

siyrobbo2114d ago

ea bought them, in a deal which also forced them to buy pandemic

Zinc2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

@tifersnake86 - If you mean EA has bought Valve, no. They are a private non publically traded company that is owned soley by themselves.

I say this because you are replying to a comment about Valve.

Letros2114d ago

EA bought Valve? lololol news to me

Persistantthug2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Who doesn't know this already?

Bioware and Pandemic got into a PUBLIC partnership with a 3rd company that dealt in banking and invenstment, then EA bought that partnership.
They own Bioware and eventually closed Pandemic

I love the

Zinc2114d ago

"Everyone knows EA bought Valve.
Who doesn't know this already?"

1. No, EA does not own Valve.
2. Your link was for Bioware.
3. Just, no.
If you go to this link (which is for Valve), you will see they are a private company.

Letros2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

Try again dude, Valve is independent, EA may be publishing Valve's console titles but that is about it, and why do you think Valve =

Persistantthug2113d ago

That's why I posted the link which referenced the BIOWARE acquisition.

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frostypants2114d ago

To be fair, a LOT of people underestimated Sony. What happened to all the people screaming that Blu-Ray was dead on arrival?

siyrobbo2114d ago

they've joined the people who claimed the 360 was doa, and that the wii would never catch on

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2114d ago

@hades yeah everyones "jumping out" , valve, bioware, bungie.

theafroman2114d ago

its complicated but remember at the end it comes down to two things , money , and fans

mrcash2114d ago

they've always supported the pc, thats for certain.

Pandamobile2114d ago

Have you gone retarded or something? EA does not own Valve.

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EL1TE2114d ago

Exclusivity makes developers get less money. And the reason is obvious.