NVIDIA trots out GeForce 400M series laptops, shows off StarCraft II gameplay (video)

New gaming laptops with 400M chips running StarCraft II!

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Bojangles2812d ago

Looks good. I might consider this for my next round of laptop.

LinuxGuru2812d ago

I'll stick with my Asus G73 / i7 / 6GB RAM / 1GB GDDR5 Radeon HD5870. StarCraft II on Ultra? Check. Crysis Warhead on Ultra (and playable)? check. Pretty much everything I've ever played and will play for quite some time on High / Ultra settings? Check.

Very nice =)

poopface12812d ago

I didnt, but it is awesome for the price. I just got a netbook instead for school and will buy a new PC or laptop later. That thing seems like a beast for sure.

LinuxGuru2812d ago

Get it, for sure. 1299 at best buy. Save them dollars!

Asus G73JH-RBBX05