The Bourne Conspiracy - first impressions

Matt Damon looks like a sixth-form prefect, the lead choirboy in the world's smuggest choir and a lump of enchanted ham all crumpled behind the biggest poop-eating grin in Hollywood history. Talented actor and screenwriter he may be, but believable hard man he is not, which brings us to our first and possibly greatest point. He's not had his face, body, movements or voice scanned for Vivendi's take on the Bourne franchise because Vivendi has picked up the rights to the original books instead.

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Scrooge4050d ago

Why do they bash Matt Damon? He was perfect for the role.

akaFullMetal4050d ago

i liked matt damon in the movies, so hmmmm whatever, lets see if the game is any good

jinn4050d ago

every bourne title ends with a y.

Dr Pepper4050d ago

The Bourne Ultimatum (no y)

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