Yakuza Of the End Video Only at TGS

Andriasang: Were you somehow expecting Yakuza Of the End to be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week even though we got our first screenshots only today? Then there's some bad news for you. Sega released an updated exhibit list today, and the list confirms OtE to be video-only.

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RedPawn2815d ago

Doesn't matter, I just want to see what Kamurocho has to endure now.

cyber_crysis2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

LOL This is the 4th Yakuza game in a short 3 years. I'm about to sound like a broken record but, I just thought it was funny that another series was...*sigh* forget it. this is just plain silly. Why the heck does Sega keep approving more and more of these games?
personally I would much rather see something new and original come out of Sega's finances rather than another Yakuza game, especially when we have now had 2 in the last year.