PAX Prime 2010 Quick Hits: Nintendo Wii Blowout [GameRant]

GameRant's Jeff Schille gives his impressions of Wii's presence at PAX Prime 2010: "At last weekend’s PAX Prime 2010, Game Rant’s staff spread out in order to play as many games, and deliver as many impressions, as possible. Somehow, and through no specific planning on my part, I managed to play a ton of Nintendo Wii games.

Maybe it was due to having just played through 'Metroid: Other M' for review. Maybe it was because the lines for Wii titles were shorter than those of other games (though, upon reflection, that really wasn’t the case). Or maybe it was simply because there are a lot of Wii games that I’m looking forward to."

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eagle212723d ago

This is the first season I can say...the Wii will have me broke. :)