Why Dead Rising 2: Case Zero’s Success May Spell The End Of Free Demos

This past week has seen some important activity in the Digital Download Video Game Marketplace, with the unforeseen success of Capcom and Canadian developer Blue Castle Games’ Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (DR20).Capcom chose to release DR20 on XBL weeks before the actual launch of Dead Rising 2, as a $5 paid-demo DLC prologue hybrid.

The industry has been buzzing over the last couple days as initial sales figures were released, revealing that after one week of sales, DR20’s perfect price point has garnered well over 328,290 purchases. Take away Microsoft’s 30 percent cut, and Capcom is left with over 1 million in sales prior to the release of the actual game. Not to mention the record on Xbox Live for the best week one unit sales in the history of all content distributed through XBLA. Not to shabby.

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NegativeCreepWA2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I wasn't really a demo since none of it is in the game.

JohnApocalypse2784d ago

Exactly. The only reason it sold allot cause it was cheap

BISHOP-BRASIL2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I don't see the problem there too... It's just stand alone extra content from a previous game. It's in no way different from Ratchet & Clank Quest For Booty or GTA IV "DLC", you didn't need to have the earlier game, but if you want to know what happened in some untold parts of it (before, after or while), you can buy this cheaper, shorter games.

EDIT: What I mean is this games aren't content take away from disc to make DLC, they aren't Disc lockouts, they aren't game on the disc that you'll pay for demo and pay again in case you want to buy the game.... They simply are extra content that developers have gone out of their ways to provide us, they want money from it, no big deal.

gtamike2784d ago

It was just DLC that M$ paid for.
Timed DLC and lots of ads on TV thats how M$ does things.
Sony does not do that they make games with their money.

GusBricker2784d ago

Mafia II says hi.

Happy grass hunting!

Ronster3162784d ago

Didn't pay for this exclusive DLC.

Capcom released it to say "thankyou" to all the 360 owners who bought the origional Dead Rising (now close to 1.8 million in sales by the way)

mac_sparrow2783d ago

a thank you you pay for?

I've no beef with the title but paying for a thank you? And they say that manners cost nothing...

Lord_Doggington2784d ago

what an idiot. it's not a demo. it's a full game, albeit a short one

hennessey862784d ago

not really a demo but i would welcome simaler types of experienses ie a gears 3 prequel would be awsome

SA1NTofKILLERS2784d ago

Def Agree with that. FO3: New Vegas, Fable 3, Dragon Age 2 also. I can see it being a case where "mini-games" or prologue DLC that doesn't require the full game for $5 becomes the modern version of the demo. Studios presumably, still make money and for those who don't want to buy the entire $60 game they get something that has a bit of replay value and achievements while getting a sense of what would be in the full version. I can deal with that.

JsonHenry2784d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I liked the fact that the "payquel" sets up the stage for the game, background, and lets you tie your successes into the actual game all the while giving you a glimpse of the game a month early.

The other part of me DOESN'T want a bunch of half assed demos being passed off as a "payquel" and charging $5-$10.

siyrobbo2784d ago

also remember its an arcade release so still can be played for free

Also the free trial that comes with case zero is bigger than the demo for dead rising 1

avengers19782784d ago

a demo is usually one level, and case zero was like 2 to 4 hrs of game play. Plus it was sorta a prequel to the actual game so there is a reason to pay for this, but not for most demos.

BattleAxe2784d ago

Most demos suck anyway. It'll be a cold day in hell before I actually pay to play one.

dragunrising2783d ago

It was probrably the most feature packed "paid" demo I've ever played...since GT Prologue.

Admit it, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is not the only exception.

Demo's usually don't last 5 hours and offer achievements/trophies. Many games don't last that long. Value, as always, is subjective.

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omi25p2784d ago

a demo is a small section of the finished game,
dead rising case zero is a stand along game that is a prologue to dead rising 2, its not a demo its basically a dlc that dosent require the game

Afterglow2784d ago

The only reason I would call it a demo is because you can play a demo/trial of it just like every other arcade game. Besides that its not a demo.

SA1NTofKILLERS2784d ago

True. But it's still meant to showcase the upcoming game. While the story and narrative may not be a slice out of DR2 like traditional demos, it's meant to give players a taste of what's to come, which is essentially a demo. But I agree that it could also be called DLC that doesn't require the disc. All depends on your POV on the matter.

Lord_Doggington2784d ago

no regardless of what your "point of view" is, in actuality, it's in no way a demo. it was never advertised as a demo, nor is it considered a demo by any respected gaming publication

militant072784d ago

deadrising case zero has a free demo

Ashriel2784d ago

lol, you saved me the typing xD

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