Valve Planning Another Quick Sequel "At Some Point"

Remember Left 4 Dead? Remember how, just six months later, Left 4 Dead 2 was announced at E3, and then released a year after the original? Remember how everyone was extremely upset about it, until the game actually released? Valve certainly do, and it seems like they quite enjoyed it since they're planning on pulling the same trick again sometime.

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NYC_Gamer2812d ago

L4D3 next year...on all 3 platforms

Substance1012812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

we really dont need another sequel so fast. L4d2 hardly added much more to l4d 1. Its just melee weapons, and some new guns with new maps. I would hardly call that a new game.

I wouldnt like it if Valve starts following the console Dev trend, which involves releasing sequeal after sequeal. Instead i would like to see valve support their game with new content just like they support TF2.

If PS3 owners feel they are being left out with the L4D series (which really is a great coop, one of the best imo). They should be asking Valve for a release.

newhumanbreed2812d ago

You must have not played L4D2 then. L4D2 added a lot more than just melee weapons, new guns, and maps. They added 3 new special infected, 6 uncommon common infected, updated the AI director, defibrillators, bile bombs, and adrenaline. L4D2 is a harder game than L4D1 mainly because the way that the common infected move around you when they attack you. They don't move the same way in L4D1. Also, in L4D2 you can't corner camp and use unlimited shove since you have a shove limit and Spitters will get you out of that corner. I think you should play the game before you make assumptions like that.

SpoonyRedMage2812d ago

Half Life 2: Ep 3 will release only a month before Half Life 3.:P

Rrobba2812d ago

If the game is still good, then I don't care how soon it's released. However, if this means the game will be rushed and have little effort put into it, then bad move Valve, bad move.

Mista T2812d ago

Half Life 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please Valve!!!!!

NegativeCreepWA2812d ago

Half Life 3 wont happen until a new source engine is created and who knows when that will be. But when they do I bet it'll blow everything else away.

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The story is too old to be commented.