A Few Words on GameStop

GameStop. Your friendly neighborhood retail stop, or an evil empire of pre-order pushers? Many opinions abound about the corporate practices of the retail chain, and its sometimes less than stellar customer service. That said, for all the bad apples out there, there are a lot of good ones. New England Gamer offers up a few words on GameStop.

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Shaymin2812d ago

I hate Gamestop

I buy games at Target, Best Buy, Walmart and ect.

stewie328872812d ago

I've actually spotted some surprisingly good deals in Wal-Mart's bargain bin. Brand new copy of Bioshock (PS3) for twenty bucks? Hell yeah!

ZombieAutopsy2812d ago

I hate the constant "you wanna pre-order (insert 10 game names here)" but the gamestop i've been going to has some pretty good employees and they're pretty cool to bullsh1t with.