Honda Using Gran Turismo 5 to Show CR-Z

Well now its being taken a step further with Honda. Yes Honda is showcasing their new CR-Z Sport model to the world, and you can get a test drive right now. That is if you have one of the Gran Turismo 5 Honda Kiosk's set up in your town. All along New York, Honda is setting up Kiosks with Sony/PD Gran Turismo 5 to allow people to "test drive" the new car, must be realistic huh?

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gaffyh2784d ago

Polyphony Digital > All

inveni02784d ago

This doesn't surprise me at all.

zootang2784d ago

Mitsubishi used it to demo the Evo X before it was launched.

inveni02784d ago

I love how people can disagree with a fact, don't you?

Immortal3212784d ago

forza3, need for speed or burnout?

does honda like arcade racers?

4pocalyps32784d ago

No they don't. Hence the reason they chose a real simulation game to demo the car.

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bjornbear2784d ago

I guess GT5 IS the real driving simulator

if it wasn't, big car corps wouldn't risk their name on it

and no, not even if PD/Sony paid them.
One thing is allowing advertisement through joint venture with no risk big risk.
Another thing is allowing advertisement of a big product that could backfire, say if GT5 was unreliable/unrealistic/didn 9;t mean Honda's standards

Falaut2784d ago

how about putting a K20 into that chassis and making a real CRX successor, and what about a S2K replacement...and what happened to the next NSX? Might as well put an Oddyssey into the game.

IcarusOne2784d ago

Has there been any word on whether you'll be able to paint/upgrade/mod cars in GT5?

ExplosionSauce2784d ago

Not sure / Yes / Sure in what way?

Although not final, the back of that cover shows some info as well.

IcarusOne2784d ago

Just asking because I spend hours (sometimes) just tweaking, upgrading, and painting my cars in Forza and was wondering of GT was finally bringing that aspect. That option of customization is the only thing missing from the GT experience IMO.

karl2784d ago

if u mean like street racing customization ... i really hope it doesnt get to GT5.. honestly it would ruin the gt5 experience that has always felt so 1:1 to their real counterparts

captain-obvious2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

ok if we are talking about Honda
why the fuck there is a BMW pic in here ??

Theonik2784d ago

There will be customisation similar to what was on GT2 on GT5.

ExplosionSauce2784d ago

No there won't. It will actually go beyond that.
It won't be street-racing-like customization, but it will have it in a more professional classy way, if you will. Upgrades are definitely there.

I don't expect it to be crazy in GT5, then again, I wouldn't want it to be.

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r1sh122784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

THe next 600ish bhp NSX got cancelled because the RnD costs were getting too high.
At the time of cancellation Honda were unsure about how the future of the industry was going to be. Honda are actually one of the better of manufacturers during this recession (I know, I work for a company that does automotive research, eg I can see how many cars were sold in many countries, or the specific model, the extras that people would put in the cars etc...).
There may be a chance that the NSX project could continue but nothing has been sent to the office so far.

alphakennybody2784d ago

The NSX was a great everyday supercar, the only flaw it had was that at the end of the days its still Honda. you can't brag about that like a lambo even if its a supercar.

Si-Fly2784d ago

Exactly how I'd put it, I love the NSX for Sennas part in developing it but I struggle to get excited about Japanese cars! Europeans have always made the most beautiful cars imo.

Falaut2784d ago

Yes yes, it got scrapped with the V10 I know. My point was that Honda, a company born from motorcycles/racing, is pulling back all its performance models to the extent of not selling the current Type R in Japan. WTF!? What they are opting for is family friendly low gas/emissions vehicles with nothing left for the enthusiast. In fact, its a big "F U" to the people that have not only supported them but worked for them, like me.

Hence: showcasing a 1.5L hybrid fwd vehicle with a shitty power/weight ratio in a racing game...yeah my point exactly.

This game needs motor swapping so I can put a F20 into a crx. Not because its cool, but because it makes sense and can be done in real life. Thats really the only thing that other racing game from x camp has on GT, otherwise its a bag of balls.

GT5; Day One.

ian722784d ago

They should put this car on PSN for people with prologue to download and try out.

OneSneakyMofo2784d ago

It only does other people's promotions.

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