5 things you'll hate about Ratchet and Clank

5 things you'll hate about Ratchet and Clank

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ShiftyLookingCow4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

All I get on clicking the link is this :
"An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #99.4607281.1175446637.1f8f4fe "

[edit] thanks Tru_Blu. funny list. +1 bubble for you.

Tru_Blu4018d ago

1. You have to wait for it
2. You have to pay 60 bucks for it
3. You have to take that annoying shrink wrap off
4. You have to walk over to the ps3 and manually put the disk in
5. You have to walk back to the couch.

There ya go, 5 for you

paul_war4018d ago

All of the above, though replace $60 for £50!

Leg-End4018d ago

50 quid!!! i wouldn't dare pay that much
i dunno where ur buyin ur games but i usually get em 4 around £40 or £35

paul_war4018d ago

I know, usually, its only that much for the odd game where i dont want to wait!

resistance1004018d ago

Leg-End you are a nub. He said $50 DOLLORS, Which is about 28quid.

Leg-End4018d ago

A paul war ---- i get ur point, sometimes i dont wanna wait

Counter_ACT4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

resistance100, he is saying that they pay $60 and we pay £50 cos we live in the UK. He wasn't covering, nub.

Anyway, I don't care what GamesRadar say, this game looks excellent.

secret4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Fortunately, I've been out of playing video games for almost 15 to twenty years. Having never seen or played anything on the PS1 or the PS2, I think this game is made for people like me to be happy with. When I put the game in my PS3, I know I'll be blown away, because even Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Resistance Fall of Man blew me away. Same with Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The PS3 suits me really fine because it comes with a PS1 and PS2 built in, allowing me to experience what I've missed along with a fresh and brand new look at how far gaming has gone. I think the writers were talking out of "It's safe to bash the PS3 because that's the consensus around here and I don't want to stand out and go against the "in-crowd" and risk my neck by getting ostracized by my peers for going against the industry's prejudices."

I have eyes, too, in case you haven't noticed. I can tell if something is good looking or not just as good as you can. I don't need you in that area, especially if you're unethical and can't be trusted. Alot of these writers are just followers. They don't have their own brains. They need to make a living and thus they'll have to lick their fingers, stick it up in the air, and see which way is blowing and go in that direction, even if it's wrong. I guarantee you that if this had been on the Wii or the 360, NOT ONE writer will dare mention any of this and keep it to themselves or else jeopardize their income. Why? Because they'll think to themselves, "Well, i'm looking around and since everyone is wearing a jacket even if it's a hot summer, I know it's hot, but they're looking angry at me. If I don't wear a jacket too, they'll treat me bad. And I don't want to be treated badly. Let's put on a jacket during the summer, for now. I'll make it up later on." I bet $100 on this. Well, maybe only one or two will, because there are always a small rare number of noble people in any industry who stand up for what's right rather than protect their own neck.

The review has nothing to do with me, though. As with Ninja Gaiden Sigam, I've never played or owned any other video game for almost 15 to 20 years. Everyting is brand new to me. I have eyes, too. Just because you make a living like a used car salesman tyring to get me to buy your beat up pinto by telling me that it's gorgeous and beautiful and that you personally feel that it's better than the BMW, I'm not going to buy it over the BMW. I personally think you are out to solely make a sale and say and do whatever you can to enhance your own interest and status in your group and could care less whether I'm getting a good product or not. Therefore, I will buy this game -- proudly.

I know for sure that if this had been an xbox item with WORSE graphics, the same writer will keep his mouth shut, unless it's commpetely and obviously terrible that everyone would know he's lying if he said otherwise. If the 360 is so good and powerful, then why is it trying to compete on price like the Wii? If the 360 is so tough, instead of hiding behind an increasingly lower price, let's see it MATCH the PS3's pricing and see how long that tough guy would last standing toe-to-toe in terms of pricing with the PS3. If the 360 is really more powerful than the PS3, again, let's raise the 360's price to the PS3's price and let's see how well it does. Let's see how it competes.

The sad thing is that now that MS has gotten into the gaming industry and there are all these ethically compromised patriotic media companies or people who merely own shares of stock in Microsoft tjat it's hard to know whom you can trust anymore for unbiased report. Once, the New York times wrote that the PS3 was a terrible machine after only the intial launch (one or two days later), saying that it sucks because it doesn't have rumble like the 360. But isn't it a little fishy that the New York times never mentioned ANYTHING ABOUT THE SIXASIS at all like the Wii, which is pretty revolutionary at the time? Isn't that leaving out information INTENTIONALLY AND UNETHICALLY? Back in the days of SEGA Genesis and Turbographx 16, before chatty internet writings and blogs made things less formal and opinionated, magazines felt like they can be trusted and were professional. But even then, I remembered when EGM started giving good Capcom games low scores because Capcom refused to do anymore advertising in their magazines. Capcom used to be at the time the best game makers and got almost A scores on every game they made. After that announcement, suddenly, all games started getting D's and C's only on EGM. Only make believed or fictional nitpicking bad things were blown up. Good thinigs ignored. The world needs more heroes, I think. But everyone is out to protect their own asses with their own secret agendas. Let's make things as fair as possible so that no one can complain anymore, okay? For instance, people saying that the PS3 has a bad game selection but yet mention nothing about the Wii's poor selection at all. In fact, the Wii on averge has the lowest ranking game scores in their libraray of mini-games. And E3 gave the PS3 the second largest game awards. Please be fair. Rumors can damage a reputation. I'd like to see the really competent person to get hired, not a phony slick man with a smart mouth and slick promotional schemes and friends. And of course the Wii would sell more. Wouldn't the Camry sell more than a Porsche? And the 360 is really more expensive than the PS3 beacause it doesn't come with HD-DVD or Bluray drives. Unless you 360 people don't intend to watch movies in hi-def, YOU ARE FORCED TO BUY EITHER A HD-DVD PLAYER OR A STANDALONE BLURAY PLAYER AT SOME POINT. But you didn't put that into your calculations, did you? When three months or two years later, you end up walking around Best Buy trying to find out which Bluray player mathes your 360 best. By that time your internet fees will amost be $200-$300, even though you rarely use it most of the time when you're on vacation. And guess what? The PS3 seems to be the best valued Buray Player out there. I have a feeling that it's not only the PS3 people who are helping Bluray win the format war, it's going to be the 360 people too because they know all the good movies are on Bluray and that their 360 doesn't come with a bluray player. PS3 buyers don't need to buy bluray players. 360 people do.

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jay34018d ago

But you really really really won't like it!

All Sony wanted was your love, love, love love love love!

ShiftyLookingCow4018d ago

I finally was able to read the article. Not only is hate a strong word, I thought those reasons sucked donkey balls.

aslucher4018d ago

haha! i loved that blurp from teh plain white t's song!!! lol.... cracked me up!!!

Gizmo_Logix4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

Here's two contradictions...

We hate the game because "Same old R&C." But, we love it because, "If it aint broke, don't fix it."
We hate the game because "The old weapons are gone." But, we love it because, "The weapons kick more ass than ever!"

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mistertwoturbo4018d ago

Well they forget to mention the fact that there's a lot of people who still hasn't played the ratchet series like me. and the PS3 version as a introduction to the series is probably the best. and i have no idea what they are talking about with the graphics, it is one of the most stunning video game graphics i've ever seen. the fluidity of the movements, the character details, the massive environments etc.

ShiftyLookingCow4018d ago

you should get the old ones from friends or ebay, they are still a lot of fun to play. PS3 Upscaler does a pretty good job.

Sashy4018d ago

Pretty lame opinios the site got there...


At least now you know exactly what you will be getting when you purchase this game.

Maybe the Dev's will take notice and try to improve on all of the observations that they can, at this stage of development.

I do feel Gamesradar used this title to get us to read this article versus the other numerous "praisegiving articles"

And it worked.

I guess a Demo is in order.

mistertwoturbo4018d ago

know exactly what we're purchasing? but that's not even the case, they aren't saying anything about the actual game. all they are saying is that it's like the old ratchet and clanks. it's more of a opinion, not a technical issue. if they were saying that it has poor frame rates and clunky controls, then that'd be different. but the only "bad" things they had to say is that it's like the older ratchet and clanks. if anything. it's too moot. it's like saying Halo 3 is just like any other FPS. or Final Fantasy 13 is just like all the other final fantasies. etc.


never looked at it like that
they did complain about the flight sequences though, even though I'm sure Insomniac was not finished putting that part together

good insight
bubb for you sir!

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