Halo: Reach Unboxing, Installation Size Total is 6.6GB

Microsoft is going to war this weekend and it should be like no war before it. Every legend has a beginning and now is the time to see how everything began in the world of Halo. Telling the tale of Noble Team, Halo: Reach will reveal the start of the great war against the Covenant and the origins of Master Chief. It is sure to be an epic title that all Halo fans will surely love.

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ingiomar2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

With all that content its still only 6.6GB? :O

Lol i don't think its a bad thing

HarryMonogenis2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

That doesn't make it a bad thing. Fallout 3 is 5GB and features literally 100+ hours of gameplay and a massive world.

This is actually convenient for people like me who are going to install it onto their hard drives.

EDIT: Don't think of it as a bad thing, that's all I can say. :)

nation1202747d ago

yea but the graphics in fallout 3 sucked

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sak5002747d ago

Sure you wanna know ps3 games sizes? Laugh at that:

LOL ferrari challenge full game 1.7gb. Your uber games like KZ2 12gb, infamous 7.52gb. ONly God of war iii is 42gb which would be including lots of redundent data for streaming the levels.

talltony2747d ago

That might just be for the multiplayer like the site suggests. Each single player level in killzone 2 is 2 GB's.

Microsoft_Spokesman2747d ago

Multi means multi language, not multiplayer.

KratosGirI2747d ago

Will installing the game lower load times or, bizarrely, increase it?

SuperTiger2747d ago

HDD is faster than a disc drive.

markbob2747d ago

Bunige fixed installing with ODST. The whole game single and multiplayer will run just fine off of the HDD.

Dont know if it will decrease load times. Bungie has sad nothing about that.

The issues with halo 3 was that bungie made it purposely to run directly from the disc. Since MS had not announced "installs" yet when bungie was developing it

CombatEvolving2747d ago

It wasn't bizarre that it increased them. There was a very basic explanation given as to why that happened. Halo 3 was released before the install option and used a special system to decrease load times that conflicted with the install option. Halo: Reach will be optimized for installing.

hellraiserpop2747d ago

The main reason why people install to HDD is to reduce stress on the disc reader. MS' warranty applies only to RROD beyond the first year, so a dvd reader failure would leave you without a box.

ThanatosDMC2747d ago

I was playing the demo at fry's and it's so jaggy and looks worse than MAG but i was playing co-op. I guess, it's the same with what happens with Resistance 2 during split screen.

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awiseman2747d ago

Post ppl better be careful with it or else....theres going to be trouble

Mmmkay2747d ago

do you even understand the meaning of the word 'wise'?

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