PS3 Move 320GB Bundle pre-order sales up 37%

Advanced sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Move Console Bundle to include the new Playstation 3 320GB hardware climbed up week at retailer amid increased demand.

This week, the PS3 Move 320GB Console Bundle held a sales increase of 37 percent to rank at No. 45 in Amazon’s Video Games division.

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gamerzBEreal172691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Get Move'n... (&

nickjkl2691d ago

wait what was the number of pre orders before

because its useless if its like 360 in japan when the numbers jumped 500 percent but still ended up selling less than the ps3 and wii

gtamike2691d ago Show
Shaymin2691d ago

Sony is doing an excellent job

Keep up the good work Sony

joypads2691d ago

37% extra new customers NOT the same customers buying the same console for the tenth time. ;)

N4PS3Fanboys2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Of course not. That's when they release a new model that previous customers by a new one. Like the PS3 Slim and the Xbox 360 S. It will be the same for the Kinect 360 bundle. It will only be new customers buying it.

Anyway, this pre-order increase is to be expected. Pre-orders climb the most just before the new game or product in question is released. Move releases next week, right?

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2691d ago

hahahha did you just say new ppl buying an xbox!? is that why the attach rate has been 0% on 360s.

its just desperate xbox fans hoping to have a machine that doesn't break.

ur a crap troll.

Game-ur2691d ago

The PS3 slim is downgrade, why would anyone replace his PS3 with one with less features?
The 360 on the other hand is an upgrade, so it is sensible to think buyers are old owners.

fourtwenty20092691d ago

is due to the widespread publication of the PS3 softmod.

thebudgetgamer2691d ago

ow wait, i dont own stocks im just a gamer.

mt2691d ago

however i do have stocks with sony ..... Nooooooooooot

thebudgetgamer2691d ago

i was like thats cool then i finished reading it.

SexyPrawns2691d ago

I actually do have stock in Sony. It's a great decision actually. I'd suggest it. They will be a profitable company this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.