Reinventing Final Fantasy

"Final Fantasy XIII was a wake-up call to gamers all over the world, so why is Square Enix still asleep?"

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Godmars2902809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

"I don’t know exactly what happened that made Hironobu Sakaguchi and other Final Fantasy team members leave Square Enix. We can speculate, but no one really knows."


Sakaguchi all but bankrupted the company trying and failing to get the company into CG movie production. Ended up getting driven out in forced retirement. How can someone writing a FF related article not know that?

ScubaSteve12809d ago

one word for you man, and it has a name by the name of YOCHI WADA

Godmars2902809d ago

Sakaguchi was on watch when that mess went down. What's happening now with Wada is another thing.

Game-ur2809d ago

Sakaguchi was a creative guy but not a great businessman, he has a hunger to make thing and take risks, Wada is a businessman without creative vision, the only big creative drive left at the company is Nomora.

And concerning the CGI movie, it may have bombed, but it set the groundwork for SE lead in CGI development.

ShinGundam2809d ago

Also, People hate on FFXI but it was Sakaguchi's idea to create something new for anniversary.

Zinc2809d ago

Final Fantasy was my first real experience with an RPG and that series will always be something, well, I guess special to me. But, they do need to take their games to the next level and going the MMO route is not my idea of next level.

I hope they can redefine themselves and give us a reason to keep the torch held high.

albel_nox2809d ago

While I may disagree with quite a bit of this article, this is the part I definitely agree with. No more online sequels.

TheSanchezDavid2809d ago

I've been bashed by my friends for having never even touched a Final Fantasy game, but judging from everything I've heard/read/seen, the series needs something to help boost it to classic status once again.

Personally, I'm excited about the upcoming Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light for the Nintendo DS. I know that's more of a spin-off, but it will be the first FF game I play. =D

Schobeleth2809d ago

You'd be better off playing one of the PS1 or PS2 games. I played The 4 Heroes of Light at E3 and it was decent but it's more or less a remake of the original game.

RedDead2809d ago

Versus 13 will hopefully be the return of none mmo FF's

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