New Call of duty 4 Single Player Footage

New seven minute single player footage.

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sjappie3629d ago

that wasn't really exciting, imo.

daomay3629d ago

that was ok but kllzone 2 might be better...

AngryHippo3629d ago

....anyway, this game looked better in the other videos i have seen, i think its a combination of bad quality footage and uninspiring gameplay in this section. Don't get me wrong i think the game will be great, but these videos do not do the game justice.

CNIVEK3629d ago


AngryHippo3629d ago

....calm down. I assumed it was judging by the title and everything so sorry if that upset you that much that you felt the need to call everyone morons. Anyway, what game is being shown here then? And if it isnt COD4 why has someone posted it as COD4?!

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The story is too old to be commented.