COD 4 MP Beta Dated ?

The predictions look to be a timer on Monday August 20 2007, and the BETA arriving sometime between Tuesday August 21 2007 to Friday August 24 2007. All we know, is that the beta will be coming "Sooner than you think"

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jay34019d ago

I've been waiting for my exact same story that i posted around an hour ago to get 2 approvals!

I've got my eyes on yuuu!!

Pathetic N4G Website4019d ago

Next time :

>Don't link your submission to a forum post

>Make sure you put it in the correct category

>Make sure the article text matches where you actually link the story to

....apart from that your submission was perfect !! :\

jay34019d ago

"Apart from that your post was perfect!!"


I posted that before i knew anything was wrong with that post, i put the wrong URL so i thought mine was just being ignored instead of it being wrong.


anthraxCZ4019d ago

Sonner than we think? This is much more later than we all think!!!!! You suck Infinity !

MoonDust4019d ago

I thought it would come out around Aug. 15
They need to change that to, "not as soon as we made you think"