The *better* the game, the worse it is for your health

ZG writes: While I make this statement in a jovial manner, there is a lot more truth to it than not.Lets not pretend that gaming, or too much of it, can have negative results. There have been countless studies showing the negative results of too much gaming.

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Nate-Dog2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

I'd agree with the final line, saying that "the more engaging" a game, the worse it could be for you (in context with this article anyway).

But I wouldn't particularly say the better the game the worse it is. Great games aren't always games full of tension and excitement and battle, look at the likes of Flower, or LittleBigPlanet.

Nice article though, never read about those studies (since most of them usually say "gamers got no life and are gonna kill people one day, get them away from the tv!!!" or something similar).

Hellsvacancy2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Im SOOOO close to the Platinum trophy on Demons Souls (94%) that game has been very bad on my health, ive put tons of hours into it, ive sat up till 5am playin it knowin ive got work in 3 hours all the while smokin the good ol green stuff the entire time

So yeah "The better the game, the worse it is for your health" Demons Souls AWESOME

94%, all ive gotta do is upgrade sum weapons (sounds stupid) but i dint know how (sorry 4 goin off-topic)

How do i ungrade to SuckerStone, MarrowStone and Clearstone, ive got the weapons and the stones but Blacksmith Ed doesnt give me the option to upgrade

r0gueZA2838d ago

ye, that'll take some years off your life :)

r0gueZA2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

@ NateDog - lol, ye you are spot on. Call it a bit of a "sensationalist title" :)
...but you know what I mean.

I came across the studies because of the "games are bad" rubbish that usually goes around.

Science, I can believe.