Sony trash talks the Wii remote live on TV in latest advert

Now this isn't very nice from Sony. Usually Kevin Butler does all the slightly dubious stuff, although their marketing team has taken a direct hit at the Wii in a new TV ad. About 10 seconds into their Move TV ad the commentators say "Playstation Move is so precise, stop flicking your wrists like that and hoping for the best". Looks like the fight for motion controlled supremacy is about to get uglier!

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SoapShoes2897d ago

So? Big deal, not unlike those Crash commercials making fun of Mario...

SoapShoes2897d ago

Um, all I'm saying is it's nothing new for Sony or any company... Plus that Crash commercial was hilarious and helped it become a hit...

ABizzel12897d ago

It was catty, but it's not like they weren't telling the truth. The majority of Wii games you can shake the Wiimote to death and do a good job. And so far it's been proven that the Move take more than that.

Also this wasn't bad. It's not like it was a direct comparison to the Wii, or a Wii bash the whole commercial. It was one comment and moved on.

Double Toasted2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Who is Sony?

Below: The word Wii is in the title.

Theonik2897d ago

Yeah. Also People seem to forget the Sega Genesis ads.
Genesis does what Nintendon't.
Besides looking at the ad they don't mention the Wii directly. The mere fact you understood he meant the Wii proves that they are right.

dredgewalker2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

If you look at bashing historically one of the most famous was how Edison used alternating currents in the first electric chair to show people how dangerous Tesla's electrical system was for home use.....fortunately Tesla won.

Man In Black2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

But what is taught in American schools now? Edison, despite being an underhanded cock-stain, generally gets all the credit. Tesla, if I'm remembering correctly, died penniless.

dredgewalker2897d ago

@man in black

Yes that is so unfortunate, Tesla was a great genius of his time and deserves a lot of credit for his contribution to our modern life. He died penniless and was branded as a lunatic in the end...though I can't blame them for the accusation since he did talk to pigeons. It's sad to think he died in a small room alone.

Focker-4202897d ago

Ummm, actually Edison came up with the alternating current. Tesla was in the process of creating a massive coil that could provide electricity to everyone for free without the need of wires. But the electricity companies sided with Edison so that they could keep charging for electricity. And Tesla's design was destroyed and he was deemed a lunatic. When in actuality he was the smartest man of their time. We would all have free non-stop electricity if it weren't for that [email protected] Edison.

dredgewalker2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )


Edison came up with DC, he lost cause a DC electrical system for the city would require very, very thick wires. You are correct about Tesla creating a wireless electrical system using the ground as a conduit. Please look it up.

Edit: I also agree that Edison is a twat, but still he has made tons of inventions that we use today. Modern society wouldn't have been born if not for these two geniuses.

Focker-4202897d ago

Ya my bad it was DC from Edison, and AC from Tesla. No doubt Edison had some good inventions but he was very arrogant. Its unfortunate alot of Tesla's brilliant designs were shunned by small minded greed. Our world would be a better place if it weren't for all the greed.

The EV1 electric car is a good example of greed destroying better technologies.

Trebius2897d ago

Tesla's AC and Edison's DC went to war, but Edison's current was unable to power any more than just 2 mils before a new substation had to be built. So if we had used his DC tech we would have to build substations every 2 miles...they'd be literally EVERYWHERE, whereas the AC was able to power hundreds of miles with no need to build substations in excess.

Tesla was erased from the records as a genius and branded a lunatic because he was too smart.

He's responsible for Cellular technology, wireless tech, AC, he had over 600 patents, one of which being a device that supposedly had the power to send a frequency into the earth and create earthquakes, and another was the ability to give us electricity for free.

Do some reasearch, the reason he was erased from existence is because his research was so ahead of his time, and because he had the answer to issues we have today like free power.

seinfan2897d ago

LMAO they're basically saying "WE R HAZ BETTUR CUNTROWLR 4 T3H RETARDZ!"

sikbeta2897d ago

Big deal, lol like if it wasn't true... Anyone played wii-boxing at least once? god damn, you can waggle-shake your arms and the mii throw punches ala Rocky Balboa rolfmao... well, not that much, but, basically any lame movement is perfectly emulated by the mii-character with its pre-rendered and limited gestures, so you could make a girlie punch and what you see on the screen is a Shoryuken... lol...

madpuppy2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

A business man first and foremost, a lot of his ideas were mined from his employees, if I remember correctly Tesla was one of his employees for a while.

Edison was one of the first patent trolls as well.

It is sad that the humanitarians of the world: the ones that created vaccines or truly invented and innovated are forgotten and the Rich that exploited them are remembered as great men.

oh yeah, and this is pretty stinking funny.

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KiLLUMiNATi_892897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

All you fun kids out there listen carefully ok, DON'T EVER SAY SONY DON'T EVER ADVERTISE there products ok.

Lately I'd seen many commercials about move and crap. Especially with white Chris Rock wanna be. If the truth hurts then o-well.

Lord_Doggington2896d ago

exactly, i can't believe sony made the statement that they can't compete with ms advertising then they release an ad that takes a direct crack shot at nintendo..."we can't advertise. the wii sucks!"

gimme a freakin break!

lightningsax2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Estranged, it's not really the same thing. Here we're talking about a new product that clears up a problem with an older one. They're snarkily pointing out to the world that Move is different from Wii. That's fine by me - I think Nintendo knows full well that waggle is out.

The N's been basing their latest giant releases on the core audience, and within much better ways of using their tech - like using the Wii-mote as an actual controller, or in the case of a second-party investment like Treasure's Sin and Punishment 2, using the whole setup as the most complex and awesome way to control a hardcore rail shooter/bullet-hell hybrid ever.

I bet Nintendo was just as miffed at the waggle-based third-party shovelware that came out as anyone else was. They can't trash their own product (only Domino's has really come out in public and said "Our past stuff was awful"), but you don't see them aggressively defending the old motion controllers the way Apple runs away to HTML5 when asked about Flash either. With the tubs of cash they're laying on, Nintendo has all the time in the world to let R&D do its thing and come up with something new. Well, they already did with the 3DS, but hopefully something for an actual TV also.

TheLastGuardian2896d ago

Crash wasn't making fun of Mario. He was letting him know he had some new competition and it turns out his first 4 games were better than marios games.

vhero2896d ago

People should really watch the video it doesn't trash talk the wii one bit yet 360 fanboys are quickly on here (along with 1 or 2 wii fanboys) giving Sony crap for it who obviously ain't seen the video first... Terrible really.

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Poseidon2897d ago


who is sony?


dredgewalker2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )


Wow.....just wow, everytime I see you posting my opinion of you is getting to the same level as Omega...are you sure you're not him? Cause you sound exactly like him.

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Godmars2902897d ago

Not like the Wii can't just sit on its pile of money, look down as Move makes fun of it, and chuckle to itself.

rwarner1742897d ago

What exactly does that have to do with my enjoyment of a superior product like Move? I mean, am I supposed to care how much money nintendo made? I want the best product on the market and its clearly not the Wiimote anymore.

Godmars2902897d ago

Does it effect your "enjoyment of a superior product" when a spokesmen of that product shoots a jibe at a competitor? Does it matter?

whitbyfox2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Move is the same as Motion Plus. According to the previews.