Nintendo blocks flashcarts on Wii and DSi

Critical Gamer writes: Contributing to the piracy prevention buzz currently circling consoles, Nintendo has waded back into the ring and stepped on the toes of the homebrew and software piracy scene with a new firmware update that has stopped flashcarts from working on the DSi and Wii.

The update was released on Tuesday with the official purpose being behind the scenes performance improvements and tweaking. Since the update however, many flashcarts have stopped working prompting users to suspect that this was Nintendo’s true intention. This is not a case with all flashcarts however, with the recently damned R4 model apparently not being affected by the patch.

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Forbidden_Darkness2816d ago

Im glad companies are taking steps to rid their consoles of pirates.

scruffy_bear2816d ago

Total agree about time these hacks got ban

tunaks12815d ago

i dont think flashcards work on wii...

G4drake2815d ago

hummm i guess he mean playing games from sd cards and hd.

G4drake2815d ago

well i have two wiis, one normal and one modded.

well both are updated and both still work normally.

2814d ago