Xbox 360 Kinect & Sony Playstation Move or PlayStation Kinect & Microsoft Move

When it comes to motion controls, both Sony and Microsoft want their die-hard fans to believe in one thing that they have very different strategies.

The bathroom mirrors at E3 exclaimed: "You are the controller." On the other hand Sony is working overtime to combine its own camera technology with a more conventional controller for its games. But game watchers say that both technologies are more alike than either company would like to admit. Analysts have expressed their doubts about the ability of Kinect to deliver even basic gaming mechanics without a physical controller in your hand.

Die-hard users wonder if Microsoft would simply release an optional hand-held controller for the Kinect. The other thing that is on their mind is whether it will use Kinect as the standard controller. If it happens so then developers will get more options in their games. Does Microsoft agree?

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iamnsuperman2719d ago

Microsoft will not release a controller game just yet due to their tag line appealing to the casual gamer (you are the controller)...I can see it maybe in the future because controller-less gaming is limited.....Sony might do but its probably mainly voice stuff then controller-less games due to they have learnt that games are better with controls with their Eyetoy.

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Cevapi882719d ago

and i wonder how much this controller would cost if it is ever to be released

btk2719d ago

Sony does not need Kinect. With 2x PS Eye it can do anything Kinect can do - at higher framerate.

It still does not replace the need for a wand controller.

MS needs a wand controller. But they placed all their eggs in one basket - and now it will be too late to introduce a wand controller for this gen. Better luck next generation for the XBox.

PoorMansGT2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

when kinect fails they will try and make a motion controller but it will be too late by then. Investors are ready for M$ to leave the games division.

Godmars2902718d ago

Or are Move critics trying to switch it Kinect to opposing consoles?

rekof2718d ago

Sony Move and
Microsoft Why the hell did I buy this crap,..

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