Black Ops Confirmed Weapons, Attachments and Camos

Weapons, attachments and camos have been confirmed for CoD: Black Ops!

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redDevil872898d ago

i don't know shit about guns lol. Customisation looks really good.

Whats a "Snub Nose" attachment?

lostinplace2898d ago

Where after you kill someone you put your nose in the air? lol

JLesinski2898d ago

It's for the Python revolver. Makes the gun shorter which increases accuracy but decrease damage a little

awiseman2898d ago

Shorter barrel means LESS accuracy and MORE damage

i.e. sawed of shotugn...useless at range but deadly in close quarters.

Brewski0072898d ago

Am the exact same lol. All i do is look at the damage rating haha.

vickers5002897d ago

Actually, JLesinski is right.

Play the first video and skip to :55

krauler2897d ago

was talking about real life guns, pfff what's wrong with him?!

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yarbie10002898d ago

Yeah I am not a COD fanboy but its hard not to get excited about this game

AllroundGamer2898d ago

P90 will be sold as DLC ;)

chazjamie2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

haha, scorpion is worse. everyone seems to be celebrating this new "conservative" mulitplayer. i am telling u, people are going to be bored within a week and will probably go back to mw2

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The story is too old to be commented.