Catherine: New Intimate Screens and Story Details

Atlus has just revealed new information and screens on Catherine which sheds new light on the story.

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VegaShinra2717d ago

Starting to sound like that shitty movie Swim Fan. Atlus will deliver tho

3sq2717d ago

Hmmm.. I'm wondering what kinda game this is. It's certainly not traditional RPG.

MightyMark4272717d ago

damn, this game is getting more erotic lol

Gawdl3y2717d ago

The US version of this game is going to get heavily censored, I bet.

ClownBelt2717d ago

Have you played any SMT games before Gawdl3y?

Atlus don't censor shit on their games.

Gawdl3y2717d ago

I don't think I have. Any suggestions?

headhunter2717d ago

try any of the persona's or SMT like Nocturne or Digital Devil Saga

Reibooi2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


While it's true that Atlus hasn't censored their games recently they have in the past quite a bit.

The original Persona release in the US is a perfect example. Not only was a crap load of content changed a ton of it was also censored in ways. There were also portions removed entirely.

That said the current more recent Atlus doesn't censor their games. But that said Cathrine seems to be going much further then any of their games have before and if the ESRB rates the game Adult's Only for any reason Atlus would HAVE to censor the game or not release it and lose a crap load of money and that's if this game even gets a US release in the first place. If the US branch deems it to risky they may just save themselves the money and not release it in the US at all.

To be honest it's kinda hard to know until we know ALOT more about the game. They have teased quite a bit of stuff but haven't shown anything to extreme but at the same time they couldn't really show that kind of stuff if it was in the game anyway. I guess time will tell. Hopefully we get alot more info at TGS.

supersonicsaga2717d ago


have you played Persona 1(the original)?

But yeah I doubt today's Atlus will censor anything.

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yewles12717d ago

Nothing interesting here... >_>... <_<... *unzips pants*

dredgewalker2717d ago

Oh dear...what sort of RPG is this? I hope the Japanese version has English subs.

Game-ur2717d ago

Why don’t they ask Atlus about localization plans already?

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The story is too old to be commented.