Modern Warfare 2 fail shows that campers never prosper

When campers are on pretty much every Modern Warfare server out there, you might as well have some fun with them as this person did.

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BeaArthur2751d ago

This is extremely old. Still pretty funny though.

Corepred42751d ago

i really wish they would start promoting anti-camping perks. like being able to tag a guy and an arrow appears over the guy for a while. that would be awesome.

LeonVesper2751d ago

Well, there are a few FPS games that do have a tag like that. It just isn't in COD. Least, not to my knowledge.

EvilBlackCat2750d ago

"i really wish they would start promoting anti-camping perks"

Anti Camping?

Lets see who complain about people who camp?


PEOPLE who complain all they want is people running around killing each other.


ipunchedGOD8982750d ago

It's more about making sure the designer creates levels that discourage camping, or adding features that encourage other types of behavior.

That being said, camping is just another strategy to use, so why does it get all the flak?

corneliuscrust2750d ago

allows you to mark enemy targets for your team to see

it's good times.

Hideo_Kojima2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Killzone 2 too with the Sniper class...

Watching that video made me realise that i like the voice chat on 360...
i only have PS3 and people never talk that clearly on it :-/

hopefully ps4 will come with mics.

I know people say Live is full of 12 year olds on mics but you can just mute annoying people it would be nice to be able to talk with everyone so clearly.

Edit: This video is also great...

corneliuscrust2750d ago

I really do enjoy gaming on XBL due to its flexibility in the social area (chat, cross game everything, streaming network music, parties)

but at the end of the day, I have just as much fun rocking KZ2 or UC2 without chat (I don't have a BT headset and the eyetoy mic means I have to turn down the tv and has no push-to-talk feature or mute button)

as I do hitting up BC2 with everyone in the party chatting and jumping from game to game without interruption.

TLDR; you're really not missing too much :p

ReservoirDog3162750d ago

Camping is just a cheap tactic. And there are a lot of cheap tactics but the difference is, it just doesn't seem fun at all.

Biggest2750d ago

Why is that video so fake? There was one from closer to release of MW2 in the mansion area where a guy was actually camping (aka: Killing people while hiding in one spot) and this was done to him. There is absolutely no way a person can move around that much and not see someone right next to them. So no, this was not funny. But I guess it made the guy feel better for faking it.

4pocalyps32750d ago

You're complaining about people that complain. Irony :)

mastiffchild2750d ago

To me the reason campers get flack is because, to many, it just seems a dull way to get your kills. My mate is a great FPS player and even though campers rarely, if ever, get the better of him he still hates people who do it, levels/maps t5hat encourage it and feels it's almost running totally contrary to the soul of what a game is. I kind of see his point as similar to EVERYONE in Fifa/PES playing as Barca online etc because the winning is totally more important than the inherent fun, or manner, style of playing the game or winning the game.

AS an terrible shooter player I can attest to it as fact, for me, that I can nearly always do better ion games like COD etc when I camp a little. I feel it takes less skill than players who mix it up tactically and uses less of the traditional gaming talents like quick reactions and great hand/eye coordination. Basically a lot of people use camping as a cheap way of levelling things and because a lot of others feel it's a dull way to play they can't see what fun anyone would get from doling well through camping.

Naturally, I've other mates who are pro-camping and two who have a talent for finding spots you'd never think of as suitable along with the patience to pull it off perfectly-thing is they can also win pretty much all the time playing other methods so are proof that some DO find the style of camping as much, or more, fun than other ways of playing. On balance I, personally, feel a lot less pleased with a good win obtained by camping than I do if I manage a win without resorting to camping methods. Too much moaning is done about it5, though, and I do feel it's up to level designers to sort things out with balanced maps that reward skillsets of all kinds and right now there's a tendency for maps to slightly over power those wanting to camp-allied to a growing number of folk to whom winning is WAY too important in online gaming(Christ, we have real cheats,hackers, lag switchers and so on so why wouldn't people want to use legitimate, if unpopular tactics like camping anyway). People often place their stats way too high on their list of priorities even going so far as to play in dull ways(to them) or by using teams which they despise in realm life(as a Chelsea fan, for example, I wouldn't play as Utd, Barca or any other direct rival or traditional "enemies" of my club yet many Real fans were using Barca the other year on Live and PSN. I understand it at pro level tournaments, fine, then everyone's using basically a level playing field by having the same high statted teams to use but the "win at all costs" mentality that was once the sole domain of serious PC gaming is now growing a great deal in everyday console gaming circles and, to me, that's the only real issue here- the only one with gamers themselves anyway as I stand by the feeling designers are the ones to ensure you have a chance no matter what style/tactics you prefer or what skills you have to use.

If designers can manage that we'd be left with the perfect situation where the variation in styles would be coming from the personalities and skills of the players rather than people using whatever's most effective because a map just favours that/a map allows it to reward things other than pure skill.

iPlayGamez2750d ago

you say the video is fake. you say there is a real one in the mansion level. anyone who actually plays MW2 would know that its called "Estate". so you dont play mw2 but you wanna comment on how its fake. its possible me and my friends do stuff like that all the time for the final kill in SnD, but since u dont play MW2 u wouldnt know what SnD is.

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BattleAxe2750d ago

I'm a camper and I would say that I have prospered. I'm actually starting a new clan on MAG if anyone is interested. Its called CAMPING LOW with clan tags CMP.

crzyjackbauer2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

i agree with you
im a camper too, been one since MGS3:online
its just a better tactic than running around like a headless chicken
just a few days ago i killed the same guy 15 times in a row in mw2
he would just sprint againts me in my camp
if i get killed by the same dude 2 times i look for another route
theres just a lot of dumbass players on MW2

mcnablejr2750d ago

camping is for idiots.

' run around like headless chickens.?

do you not have thumbs or something? or cant you handle movement whilst gunning? either way you are a noob.

TrailerParkSupervisr2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Cause in real war I'm gonna run up and down the enemy street and never stop 'cause I don't want the enemy calling the president and complaining that I am staying in one spot, killing them. Douche bags.

I work with a clan. See, we all have different roles depending on the mode we are playing. Those who run constantly are like the new blood grunts that just want to yell and scream and go hoorah. Campers are like special forces, the silent, hide in the shadows kind of soldier who get the job done with a 21 and 4 kill ratio. Keep on running and gunning grunts!

iPlayGamez2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

wow all the people defendend camping. ofcourse in a real war u would camp, but real wars are NOT meant to be fun, CoD MW2 is meant to be fun, and we all know CAMPING is NOT FUN AT ALL. unless you suck so bad that you get excited off of every kill u get no matter how boring and cheap u were to get it then u arent having fun camping. Camping is for scrubs with slow reaction times and no coordination. those "headless chickens running around" have more skill than garbage campers.

Campers ruin every new FPS that comes out.

so your role is to camp wow, your friends have all the fun while u camp -_- 21-4 is what you bragg about good playes who dont camp gets around 60 kills every objective match 21-4 is sad for camping, me and my whole clan run and gun and i bet i could easily beat u in a 1v1 or clan battle

FFXI1012750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

"we all know CAMPING is NOT FUN AT ALL. unless you suck so bad"

Really? cause to me camping could be fun sometimes, especially after you kill someone they coming back to look for you and you kill them again vice versa if you know someone's camping and wouldn't you feel good about it to hunt them down and kill them?

Camping is no different than run & gun, is a style you choose how you wanna play the game. Sometimes I'll run and gun while my friend's camping.

Camping is not bad, not compare to someone who use modded controller(use 92fs, FN FAL etc.. shoot like fully automatic guns) or people who glitchd(hiding under the rock/wall) who use lag switch. (Besides if camping is bad then they should remove the sniper class)

Like EvilBlackCat mention above if you don't like it, go kill the camper or find a different room.

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wsoutlaw872750d ago

in my opinion if you complain about campers then you suck if someone is staying in the same spot and repeatedly kills you when you know where he is and he doesnt know where your coming from then he is just absolutely better than you

No Way2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

There is a perk where you can't see that it's an enemy.
That could explain the first part, where he was just standing there.
The second part, if he was 'zoomed in' (mattering which scope) he wouldn't see him.

Consoldtobots2750d ago

the only thing worse than one camper in a game of domination is 3 or 4 them camped out around a flag who then just make mince meat of you in the crossfire. That's why God invented flashbangs though.

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maruyuki2751d ago

thats why people get so angry at them

campers that look back or dont set claymores, dont prosper

Elwenil2751d ago

I always laugh at people who bitch and complain about campers. Camping is simply a tactic and if you are getting killed by it, it's an effective tactic that obviously beats yours. You can call it cheap if you want, but I call it smart thinking, especially if you are outnumbered, which demands a defensive stance. The idea that campers are somehow dishonored by the fact that they interrupt a run and gun player's mad dash around blind corners without checking them first is beyond hypocritical.

Critical_Hit2750d ago

Imagine how fun a game would be if everyone camped and no one moved from their spots. Non-stop fun!!!

acky12750d ago

Get some cool sniper battles going instead of the usual run n gun. Would make for a very tense game where every kill would matter...pretty exciting for a change of pace.

moneygun22750d ago

Last time I checked if your playing a game and want a shred of authenticity you dont see a twelve man firefight going on and hold up behind a lampshade, you move,flank,coordinate, camping=fetal position. You can call it defense all you want, whatever helps you make it more power to ya. I call BS an say get out in the heat learn the maps and make a play, get better than the next guy. By the way unrelated but Battlefield Bad Company 2 all day!!!!!!!!

Biggest2750d ago

The problem with moving, flanking, and coordinating is that unless you're with YOUR guys, and in that case you shouldn't care about camping, you're going to have a hard time doing that. Most people only care to shoot one or two people, call them a douche, and maybe kneel on the ground a few times. You'll notice that the better players don't have trouble with campers. You know where they are. Don't be Rambo and they won't make you sad.

crzyjackbauer2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

you guys wanna play a game where all the players camp
play MW2 in Hardcore playlists
all i see is people sitting in a corner with magnums and shottys

iPlayGamez2750d ago

what u say is hard to do IS NOT HARD TO DO unless u suck at the game. so im gonna go ahead and assume you camp because you arent good at the game and the only way you can get a kill is by camping. Do people online ever tell you to "get good" maybe you sould actually try to get good at the game its funner when you are actually good enough to move from one spot.

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Blaine2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )


Nothing more cowardly in a game than to need to plant self-detonating explosives to earn kills. I don't play CoD, but in MAG sometimes I'd be on fire, kill a dozen guys in a really short time charging the objective then, just as I'm about to capture it, low on health from killing all these people, *BOOM* some dead coward noob had planted a claymore. It wasn't enough that I killed an entire squad and a half, because there was a tiny little claymore hidden in a corner next to the objective. LERN2SHOT instead of using cowardly weapons.

poindat2750d ago

You could say that about anything. Literally. According to your definition of "cowardly," claymores are cowardly, grenades are cowardly, and guns are cowardly. With any ranged weapon, and some tactic, you can hide and use caution and easily take out the fools who charge the objective (like you).

Maybe a melee fighting game would be more appropriate for you. Just sayin'.

vickers5002750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

I like claymores. They are very tactical devices, even when they don't kills (I pretty much never got a kill with one). When I was a sniping camper (what else should would a sniper do? don't give me shit.), I would mainly use claymores as kind of a "hey, someones about to come up behind you device.

When the people come through the doors (in CoD), the claymores make that very loud and very distinctive "click" sound before they go off, which is an indicator of someone about to come up behind your ass and kill you. And if you don't hear the click or wasn't paying enough attention, then the explosion should get your attention. And of course theres always the possibility that it damages or kills the enemy, but in my experience, it's very unlikely.

Hideo_Kojima2750d ago


Ability: Insertions. This will reveal enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions.

nnotdead2750d ago

they have a device in MAG so you see the claymores better. if it bothers you use the device.

Biggest2750d ago

Yeah that was probably the worst arguement against a claymore I have ever seen. Let's take it back to punching fools in the face. No need for cowards and their weapons. Big guy like me could end up president of some country that way.

mcnablejr2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

'woo i pressed left/right trigger , i soooo deserve a kill for that'.

ZombieAutopsy2750d ago


Nothing more cowardly in a game than the need to shoot someone with bullets, a real man gets his kills with a knife.

Claymores are a part of warfare so of course it makes its way into a game about warfare, look out for them.

gameraxis2750d ago

i hear ya, that's the video game sniper... BUT mw2 ALLOWS for realistic battles its just that 99 percent don't play that way... when ur in a clan or team or whatever u wanna call it... u know when that timer gets to 0 and the screen lights up with colors, well during that time and instead of everyone sprinting off.. what we would do in the military is compose who we're up against, where are their best routs to get behind us, what are they carrying, and block it off, recollect squad, re- evaluate, and pursue and pressure... that's why i like objective game types... as far as the "snipers have to camp mentality" that's not true either... u wait for ur one kill, move around the sides of the map with a useful secondary (TIP: keep ur left always against the wall/object as ur trekking and be crouching behind objects while moving =ing a smaller target), and kill anyone in ur way in order to get to the next position that u can best cover ur team with the "long shot"... but like i said, if ur by yourself and not doing objective modes people play the game how they want which is fine... but u can make the game anything u want is what I'm saying... and a sniper is a valuable TOOL, a team of snipers is not how to play this game... especially with the streaks... 1 or 2 people should have an anti air with specific rules, some m203s ( yes there are situations where appropriate and if the opposing teams sniper is doing his job he'll take that guy out first) and some with close and medium range weapons, some with claymores, some with stuns and flashes... the idea is your TEAM, should have a guy(s) in it that can handle ANY situation they face... but nobody plays like that, some try and fail... but the really good clans man, oh man i just watch them and say "I was in the marines, and these guys strategy of sticking together or splitting into 2 groups, (with a claymore being a 3rd group lol) know how to play the game" but couldn't obviously do it in real life... but that's not what we're talking about here.

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xAlmostPro2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

is camping really smart though? because its really skillful and fun to lie in a corner the whole match? yeah your really getting your $50 worth from a game when you do that.. your also totally giving everyone else who would rather run about and have fun playing a game a great experience for their $50.. <thats why campers are annoying.. its a game, yeah you you might die a few times if you run around but its way more fun and the more you do it the more skill you develop..

so to sit there camping is just cheap nothing else..

the only reasons for camping is that either getting a kill means so god damn much to you you would rather play the game is the most boring method there is by hiding in a corner just to get one..

or legit reasons like say your one kill from beating your killstreak or having to reload so you sit it out for a few seconds..

and also maybe if your playing in high ranked tournaments you would maybe camp slightly more(but still not the same hiding spot for aslong as possible) because you actually have a chance of winning a prize

crzyjackbauer2750d ago

i actually enjoy the game more when i camp
just killing the same dumbasses who think they can kill me
its so funny when they try to flank me and then BOOM clyamore time!
thanks for all the chopper gunners you noobs

iPlayGamez2750d ago

if you cant have fun running around getting kills its because u arent good enough to do that so you have to camp. So getting 1 kill means so god damn much to u that even if u have to camp (which is obviously boring) to get the kill u still recieve pleasure? people who are good gets alot of kill, so i can understand why you charish every single 1 of your kills.

No Way2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Actually, I get angry when they don't move for the whole game length.
Whether they kill or not, they still continue to sit in the same exact spot.
If a player stays in the same area, but moves. That don't bother me.
It's annoying when someone stays in the same spot, especially unlimited claymores.
I've had games where *everyone* was a camper. No kills happened the entire game.

How is that fun?

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Garrus_Vakarian2751d ago

This is so staged that it's not even funny.

marioPSUC2751d ago

yeah it wouldn't have been hard at all to stage this.

Unicron2751d ago

Funny how -

1) People always seem to be recording these "rare" occurences

2) People have the time to go into the message system and send something witty

I say staged.

Max Power2750d ago

I wouldn't think that this wasn't the first thing he recorded. I figured he just recorded all his games with the intention of doing this, I am sure there are tons of failed attempts at this and he picked the one that did work.

ObsidianSpire2751d ago

I remember seeing something like this a while back. All clips like this are awesome. :D