Bethesda: Factions in New Vegas won’t be so “black and white”

VG247 writes: Bethesda’s Pete Hines has explained in more detail how factions will work in Fallout: New Vegas.

Speaking with Planet Fallout, Hines said the alignment of the two main factions won’t be so “black and white”, meaning it will be more of a gray area; plus, there are smaller factions that will come into play as well.

“Without giving too much away, in general you’ve got two main factions in the game fighting for control over the Mojave wasteland, NCR and Caesar’s Legion,” he explained. “We’ve tried to have everything in Fallout: New Vegas not to be so black and white. These are the good guys these are the bad guys, if you join with these guys you are bad, if you join with these guys you are good. It’s not quite that cut and dry.

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Forbidden_Darkness2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I bought Fallout 3 right when it was released, but didn't get to playing it because i heard trophies were on the way (im not a trophy whore, but seeing the throphy icon on the corner of my screen is just cool), so i waited, but then more games came out, along with a bunch of things that were happening in my life, so it's still sitting in my 'beat these damn games now' pile, along with Demons Souls, Folklore and FF13. So imma beat it soon before i even attempt to play FO:NV, but this game should be awesome, just wondering about all of the glitches it might have, compared to FO3.

This is great news, because not everything should be so black and white in life.

ian722782d ago

I have done something similar. I got FO3 and played about 3 hours or so, but before I got to playing again trophies came to it so I thought I'd start the game again. I just haven't got to restarting the game due to buying more games and playing those. I will finish it one day though as its a type of game I like playing.