PS3 Nascar 08 Review

For gamers, racing comes in many flavors. Futuristic hi-tech warships battle against Italian plumbers in karts for the attention of console owners' thumbs. In the real world, the racing menu is more limited, and in this country, the most popular flavor of racing is NASCAR. EA Sports' NASCAR NASCAR 08 is the series' debut on the PS3. But once again EA takes a dump on PS3 owners with a crappier version.

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MK_Red3844d ago

Another EA game that in its reviews PS3 get lower score than 360 version. (2.5 Vs 3 out of 5) EA should be burnt down until they can deliever a good experience on both systems.

Real Gambler3844d ago

I started laughing at the complaint about online racing: "Races are constantly being stopped and restarted whenever there's even the slightest collision"
With EA, you should not complaint if it's restarted. You know that they will shut down their servers for online racing in one year or two anyway. Even if you pay for xbox live, they still have control over this and love doing it since people have to buy the newer version.

So for now, being able to restart an online race is quite a bonus. In a few years, you won't even be able to start the race at all : )

No more EA games for me!

xfrgtr3844d ago

EGM PS3 AND XBOX360:6.5/10
IGN PS3 AND XBOX360:5/10

"But once again EA takes a dump on PS3 owners with a crappier version.":THAT'S A LIE MADE BY A DESPERATE XBOT

timmyp533844d ago

i am far from an xbot =(. Anyway dude im not lying man. Check out the reviews. These EA ports suck.

Darksaviour693844d ago

its a crap game anyway, who cares which is the better crap game (I played the demo, is sucks very badly)

doshey3844d ago

who cares now it is just the same crap coming from ea, even if sony gives ea like 10 million to help ea with better tools and stuff like that ea would just use it for the 360

ShiftyLookingCow3844d ago

I guess one has to be a total desperate NASCAR fan to get this bad game

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The story is too old to be commented.