New Heavenly Sword Screens

Some new gameplay screenshots of Heavenly Sword.

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thereapersson4055d ago

This title is at the top of my must-buy list! Can't wait to get it home and start beatin' fools down...

TheExecutive4055d ago

looks great! they have some jaggies that they could work out, but im not going to complain because it looks spectacular.

cartman3134055d ago

You won't see jaggies if you sit far enough way from your HDTV. At least that is how mine works. Everything looks like crap up close, but 10 feet away it's amazing.


I can't wait to get this game, The more I see, the more i want

Great pics, I am going to have fun with this title, The Air combos alone have me playing this demo almost every night.

TheExecutive4055d ago

Yeah, it seems as though the gameplay is really coming through. I also notice that the story is complex and interesting, and as I am learning from looking at these screens there seems to be diverse environments which is really really cool. Oh yeah... and the graphics look outrageously awesome, have I said that already?

sjappie4055d ago

has anyone else noticed that all ps3 exclusives have this "oil-painting" kindof look? No flame intended.

tehcellownu4055d ago

Looks wicked cant wait to play this game..

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