Call Of Duty 4: Beta Download Page Leaked

Some one has managed to grab a shot the the dashboard which displays the Multiplayer Beta download. Weighing in at 995.09mb and described as:

Congratulations on your entry into the Call Of Duty 4: Modern warfare multiplayer public beta! This beta is just a taste of the full Call Of Duty 4: Modern warfare multiplayer experience...

Image after the provided in link below.

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mboojigga3986d ago

Can't wait, this is going to be off the chain. Between the kids, Military and the rest of the year with new games. It is going to be a busy time. Enjoy.

Zhuk3986d ago

it's an exciting time to own a Xbox 360, playing CoD4 beta AND Bioshock *drools*

cod4forums3986d ago

So true. I got my Bioshock preorder in place. Lets hope the two dont clash lol.

Pathetic N4G Website3986d ago

Of course they are going to clash, increasingly likely the Beta will be out sooner rather than later & Bioshock is out everywhere next week ?

Also, I'm curious what this Beta has got to do with PS3 section ? I dont like people that constantly mis-categorise articles - it inevitably starts flame wars or at the very least comes across as boasting...

MoonDust3986d ago

I got no idea how this is PS3/PC related.

WafflesID3986d ago


especially when someone posts PS3 torture test results as xbox 360 news. That was great :)

cod4forums3986d ago

Sorry about that. I have a real habbit of just selecting the 3systems that COD4 is apearing on. Sorry.

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