PlayStation News in One Place

3xG says: "This week saw the launch of a brand new site that allows PlayStation owners to catch up with all the news about their beloved platform in one place, and keep on top of breaking news as it happens. Pretty fitting given the recent 15 year anniversary, more information after the jump."

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Godmars2902783d ago

Just need to find out if it plays on the PS3's browser...

Apolloeye2783d ago

"So if your a PlayStation fan and want to keep up with the breaking news check out N4PS, and by the way, yes it does fully function on the PS3 browser."

Godmars2902783d ago

I'll believe it after I visit the site on my PS3


TheLastGuardian2783d ago

Yea a news site dedicated to only playstation sounds nice but I'm too used to N4G. The site navigation and community is way better. Maybe I'll wait til N4PS gets alot bigger.

KingZFlipper2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Yea you're right. Probably better service on N4G. not saying that it would be bad, but N4G is a much bigger thing so...

xTruthx2782d ago

tried it and it works, needs improvement tho. Im sure in time it will get better

SexyPrawns2783d ago


Can we get an app though?

Sev2783d ago

I'm working on an app for PlayStation LifeStyle right now. It's not all PS news sites in one place. But it IS the best one :)

SexyPrawns2783d ago

Thanks, Sev. :) Can't wait!

LeShin2783d ago

I might have finally found a way to get some PS3 news without dealing with fanboy comments or bloody spoilers! (I'll never forgive the pratt on here who ruined Heavy Rain's twist for me!)

I'll give this a two week test run

zootang2783d ago

Happened to me too. It ruined my heavy rain experience. I loved the game but I knew what was coming :(

ChronoJoe2783d ago

I think it's funny that the Official playstation websites are the worst to try and run in the PS browser.

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