World Series' gamers are not 'fat kids', your 'typical nerd'

They're called modern "athletes" that stay up late in front of a computer, rigorously practicing and rehearsing their gaming strategies. Organizers of the World Series of Video Games say highly competitive players don't fit the computer geek stereotype, reports Ian Robertson of Sun Media. Matt Ringel, commissioner of the second annual WSVG, said, "Most are in great physical shape." Eyes focused on the screen, fingers flying through the keyboard, hand gripped tightly on the mouse, competing "takes great physical stamina," Ringel said.

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4019d ago
mboojigga4019d ago

That picture is fuc*ing classic.

Leg-End4018d ago

his deciples will now take away all my bubbles

CourtesyFlush4018d ago

but Kratos, under the control of a dejected fat and nerdy gamer, killed him.

Anyway... so, by this article is he saying the "typical gamer" IS fat and nerdy?

sovietsoldier4018d ago

who cares? games are fun and you dont have to fit into anything to enjoy them!

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