Sony: “You Can’t Buy A New Studio Every Week”

inFamous developer, Sucker Punch is independent, so is Heavy Rain developer, Quantic Dream. But there’s something that both studios have in common and it’s the fact they develop games exclusively for Sony platforms.

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NYC_Gamer2873d ago

Sony might aswell buy Sucker Punch..

Montoya2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Suckerpunch will be bought by Sony after Infamous 2 releases, IMO.

Sony and Nintendo have so much 1st party it`s ridiculous. MS has 3-5 which is hilarious. I own a 360 but MS has brought such a foul mindstate to gaming of buying timed/rights instead trying to build your internal studios.

movements2873d ago

I've said this before and I'll say it again: Microsoft needs to invest in first party development studios.

Or fail.

Wizziokid2873d ago

MS have the money to invest in some studios but for some reason they just buy timed-exclusives which is pointless and in the long run doesn't really work for them.

if they weren't so focused on Kinect crap they might realise that the core 360 gamers need some games otherwise they will jump ship as it is slowly going to sink.

zetsuei12873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Sony indeed have the BEST formation of developers (first part studios) in 30 years of video-game industry, finally surpassing Nintendo, but that's not all.

They have the talent to pick up the most talented independent developers and made them second-party developers. Sony is finally showing some terrific wisdom when it comes to strategy.

That's what make me a proud PS3 owner.The security to rest assured that triple A games are coming each year at least 1x every 1-2 month and exclusively for "me". Games that can be called the best of the decade like Uncharted 2.

I cannot understand why someone would chose Microsoft (nothing against them) when their strategy (if they have any) its just about third-party games.

Ensemble, Bungie, Bizzare, FASA all of them were closed or sold just in this generation from M$, which makes me think "WTF, SERIOUSLY?!" ...Is there any first-party developer from Microsoft besides Lionhead, Turn10 and Rare?! Thats a joke.

No way that i would buy a $300 console when there is no investment from the company or whatsoever.

ingiomar2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

So when you bought your PS3 you looked at how many first party support it has? yeah sounds logical.../s

Microsofts Firstparty studios are:

343 Studios (working on halo 4 and all other things halo related)

BigPark (recently finished kinect joy ride)

Firebird Studios (working on unnanounced game)

Good Sience Studio (finished kinect Adventures)

Lionhead Studios (Fable,Black and White,Milo and some secret projects)

MGS Mobile Games (for some windows phone 7 games)

Rare (well you know them)

Turn10 (forza series)

Xbox Live Productions(making some Live arcade titles)

Wingnut Interactive (working with peter jackson to create ''filmic-games'&# 39; I have no idea what that means but it has the word game in it so i think they are also working on a game)

The only one kindoff not xbox related is MGS mobile

Thats 10 First-party studios against the 3 you did i do it? did i OWN you? :D

zetsuei12873d ago

BigPark (recently finished kinect joy ride)


Firebird Studios (working on unnanounced game)

Are you kidding me?!

MGS Mobile Games (for some windows phone 7 games)

Right /doublefacepalm

Xbox Live Productions(making some Live arcade titles)

That SHOULD BE work to small studios that has at max 10 members. NOT for a REAL DEVELOPER which has to aim to TRIPLE-A tittles. Just look at Sony they give these type of work to Housemarque or thatgamecompany.

And also you found that INFORMATION ON WIKIPEDIA WHICH MAKES YOU A JOKE. They are absolutely wrong.

Have a nice day ;)

PS: lol "did i won you" dude learn one thing, IF YOU SAY THAT you automatically fail, the meme "OWN" has to be said from a third person that its not in the dialogue if the person which is discussing say this saying that they "won" like you did they are just freakin dumb. lol.

callahan092872d ago

You only mentioned 3 studios that have actually released anything: Turn 10, Rare, and Lionhead. Who exactly IS 343 Studios? We've been told they're helming Halo. But what the hell? Who ARE THEY? What are their qualifications? What have they DONE?

BigPark? Joy Ride? Really? A mobile phone game development team? Wow. Teams who haven't released anything before? Oh my!

That's a pathetic attempt, I must say.

Sony has twice as many studios as you just named, and they all actually have histories and release games and have a track record that has some meaning to it.

xYLeinen2873d ago

Fine Fine, I agree that MS needs more 1 party studios. But that is to an extend for this generation.

We have no idea yet how exclusive games will affect the gaming industry by the time we see a PS4 and Xbox ***.

Troll_Police2873d ago

If there are no exclusives then there is no need for more than one console. That will never change.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

What makes me laugh in terms of PS3 fanboys is their fear that MS or M$ will monopolize the gaming industry, but at the same time praise Sony for buying out independent studios and IPs.

The definition of "monopolize" - http://www.thefreedictionar... (for the unaware)

I am 60% against buyouts of small or large independent studios by larger companies. That's why I applaud Value, Epic, Insomniac and others for retaining their creative freedom.

All you need to do is look at the variety of games the above have produced this gen vs the games ie: Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Lionhead, Turn10 etc have put out this gen.

I have no problem with a company supporting independent studios like MS did/does with Bungie, Epic etc or Sony did/does with Quantic Dream, Insomniac etc.

The gaming industry will continue to fail if every giant company buys up every single independent studio and forces them to pump out sequels every 1-2 f**king years.

What ever happened to building internal studios from the ground up?

theonlylolking2873d ago

Even though sony buys the company it still seems like they have a lot of freedom.

Just look at Granturismo 5 they where given 5 years to make that game.

MisterAV2873d ago

naughty dog and guerrilla are owned by sony...