See The Brand New PlayStation Move TV Ads

PSBlog EU: As PlayStation Move launches across Europe next week, I wanted to share some of the new TV ads we’ve created to support it and give a taster of what we have in store for Move.

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Wizziokid2872d ago

not the best Ad's ever but can't complain.

zootang2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

These suit Europe. Although I think that the UK should get the KB ads. They would do great here.

Slient Knight 92872d ago

yeah KB should come to UK, when i looked at peoples comments about these ads on the site everyone wanted KB ads instead i understand theres alot of different languages in europe but come on, they could just voice-over or sub them.

Wizziokid2872d ago

The UK defiantly needs Kevin, or a British equivalent, those ad's have to be the best

Aquarius2872d ago


is so much better than

The game is just the start

na2ru12872d ago

Doesn't prove how different it is to Wii and it's motion plus.

Next time, differentiate yourself from Wii by stating it has a camera, why it's needed and why it has glowing ball at the end of the Move with quick demonstration.

God damn these corney casual adverts with trashy guitar strumming. Urgh!

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LeonSKennedy4Life2872d ago

The UK should use Stephen Fry.

If Media Molecule can use him as the LBP narrator, why can't Sony use him in ads?

He's STEPHEN FRY!!! The UK loves him!

Actually, could we get Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie back together? They were comedic dynamite!

I'm American...and I loved it!

Slient Knight 92872d ago

i think you gave me idea, Stephen Fry and Huge Laurie and Rowan Atkinson would be epic, the old black adder cast together one of the best UK shows ever.

zootang2872d ago

It would cost too much. Leon was on it! Just get Stephen Fry. Like he said, he already works on LBP.

SexyPrawns2872d ago

Oh. Didn't think about Rowan. Lol. He's brilliant.

Hi...I'm Leon's friend.

JohnApocalypse2872d ago

Its gonna sell like crap in the UK

MaximusPrime2872d ago

Don't think so. Kinect will fare very badly in UK

JohnApocalypse2872d ago

Both will. They're unnecessary

Cots12872d ago

These adds are crap they have done the same with all the big games for a year now, a weird crapboard theme that there proud of for some reason it would suit LBP and thats it