What you missed in the BioShock demo

"So you've already played the demo all the way through. Well, for an ordinary game once might be good enough and two or three times would just be silly, but this is BioShock we're talking about here. Have you read our review? We guarantee that the first time through, while trying to not get cut up by Splicers and avoiding the security systems, you missed some things. We've got all the best bits from the BioShock demo listed right here, and if you read the article and don't see anything you haven't seen before, we dare you to let us know in the forums."

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Pathetic N4G Website3901d ago

Glad to know after reading that I've missed nothing, except actually using the AP rounds. Not surprising after 9 playthroughs :)

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Bnet3433901d ago

you get a bubble of the last part damn it

alexander22rednaxela3901d ago

Think Bioshock needs too be pre-ordered, because it`s on N4G all the time. With this hype we probably will know the entire plot before it is released.

ShiftyLookingCow3901d ago

the only things on this list I missed are getting drunk(I smoked here and there) and hacking the camera(I killed it from side and hacked the security bots lying on the ground, zapped the turret from the side to hack it, hacking is a fun minigame), esp in hard mode I wanted to save as much as eve as I could.