Rockstar Asked & Answered: Red Dead DLC, Classic GTAs on Mac and Much More

Just in time for the back to school season this week, we present another open learning session via a whole new batch of answers to some of the burning questions from the comments here on the Rockstar Newswire, and from Mouthoff, Twitter and Facebook.

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2813d ago
tsunami9012813d ago

We asked for PC version of RDR. Where is that?

realplayer822813d ago

probably not gonna happen

MaxOpower2813d ago

I think it will, but be patient. And you don't want them to rush it. Rockstar are notorious for bad system ports.

El_Colombiano2813d ago

It'll come. There is no doubt about it.

Man In Black2813d ago

Play Bully on PC, then you'll see why.

electricshadow2813d ago

I would assume this will be available through Steam eventually. I bought SA through Steam so I'm wondering if Rockstar is going to do what VALVe did. You buy it once, you have it for Windows and Mac. THAT would be cool.