Medal of Honor needs to sell 3 Million copies if there is to be a sequel

Speaking to The New York Times, the producer of Medal of Honor, Greg Goodrich, has said that the game needs to sell 3 million units if there is to be any chance of a sequel.In addition, Greg Goodrich,says that the new Medal of Honor game, originally had a subtitle 'Anaconda' which was based on a failed military operation with the same name.

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Game-ur2900d ago

I think it will get more than 6m on all platforms

Karlnag32900d ago

Can't really see it not reaching those numbers. I can't wait for it!

Dellis2900d ago

EA are not going to get that, first off

BC:VIETNAM will hurt them and Black Ops/Halo Reach will

just put them in the grave.

Expect 250k from 360's version and PS3 version like 150k on NPDs, overall like 1-1.5 Mil worldwide

Droid Control2900d ago

I don't see MOH breaking though against COD7 and reach this year.

HeroXIV2899d ago

3M on all 3 platforms? Piss-easy.