Sonic Colours is 'as good as' the original 2D Sonic games, says Sonic Team

Sonic Colours Producer Takashi Iizuka has told GamerZines that he believes his upcoming Wii/DS Sonic game will be "as good as or even better than the 2D Sonic games", saying that Sonic Team have ironed out the kinks from previous games to make it the best 3D Sonic game yet.

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Kisama2693d ago

Even the original games were more than "Hold right and occasionally press A to win". Sonic Team is obviously delusional if they think that they can make a game even remotely as good as Sonic & Knuckles.

Redempteur2693d ago

actually had to hold left too

in sonic 2 you had to hold down + a bouton too.

darkcharizard2693d ago

Why? You are being delusional if you think Colors won't be a good game after all the positive hands-on reception its got...

Immortal3212692d ago

with friends, something like sonic adventure 2 battle. He also needs RPG elements like choa garden but, make it more in depth. It needs special items to find and equip, also no more purchasing them.

Cheeseknight282693d ago

I'm sure the exact same words were said over that reboot way back when on 360 and PS3. We all know how that turned out.

gumgum992693d ago

It was unfinished. This, however, is.

Mahr2692d ago

"We all know how that turned out."

I think Sonic Team is trying to forget that that game ever happened. I know I am.

Sam Fisher2693d ago

fading little by little, they should atleast take 2yr interval then make one. this making the dev team look lazy in a way, are they telling me that that's all they can make? if so, give up, people are wanting new games, not washed off games.

YoungKingDoran2693d ago

well im glad they themselves can tell a good game that theyve made from a bad game, before they release it... uh, wait

Naughty Dog2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

sure it will until a gimmick is found and then bashed in every review because of how pointless it was. Sword game play on the Wii game and werehog stages in unleashed.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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