The Friday Game: Mirror's Edge

Mirror’s Edge was one of those games that turned everyone into extremists. For the most part, you were either for it or against it, and few arguments could change people’s minds once they’d chosen a position. A first-person platformer, DICE’s striking vision of lonely urban hell was certainly ambitious, but depending on who you spoke to, it was either a stuttering, ill-paced disaster, or a heady blast of fresh air that was cruelly ignored at retail.

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Acquiesce2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Desperately needs a sequel.

"that was cruelly ignored at retail." - Not true, this is a common misconception surrounding the game. If actually sold quite respectably, I just don't think it reached the numbers EA had hoped it would.

dgroundwater2897d ago

Okay I say this every time ME comes up. But I just can't resist when the author said something dramatic like this.

" you lined up a wall-jump for the fifteenth time, if you could keep yourself from crying, you might find yourself enjoying the feeling that you were experiencing something genuinely experimental."

Are you kidding? How many people ended up in this situation more than once? Mirror's Edge is not easy, and rewards those who perfect their skills on repeated playthroughs. It wasn't however unplayable to a newcomer.

I guess what I'm trying to say is get some skills :P