PlayStation Move - 2 brand new TV spots

Here are 2 news PS Move spots from the official PS EU blog.

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WhittO2866d ago

The ads over here are ALWAYS crap. Atleast they have started showing these though, I saw an ad in between the last ever big brother which prob cost them alot.

wsoutlaw872865d ago

haha the eu ps move looks stupid and that voice over guy is a bit sketchy

Game-ur2866d ago

Lol at the second spot with the arrow flicking.

Hey if Start the Party was as interactive as the Ad it will be much greater, they should think about it for the sequel.

seinfan2866d ago

lol yeah he's jerkin' it. Stupid motion controls.

Omega42866d ago

The best way to advertise motion control is to show people using it with the games like how nintendo does it, these ads just seem so random.

DigitalRaptor2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I knew you would find something negative to say... Although I agree somewhat, these ads are a little iffy.

They could have made it a little less... cheesy?

But perhaps this is the best way to go about it since they need to differentiate from what Nintendo does.

8-bit2866d ago

This is why I love the Kevin Butler ads. They show the product in use, then he adds some witty remarks that describe the device.

RememberThe3572866d ago

But when MS advertises Halo with no gameplay, it all good? Right...

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2866d ago

they suck, get the italian guy from i waggle to do some comedy.

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The story is too old to be commented.