Self-Confessed Addict To Endorse Golf Game

O-Games CEO John Scott has spoke to IncGamers why they have selected a self-confessed alcoholic for a golf game due to launch next month for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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big_silky2901d ago

Lol it comes with a fifth of Jack.

maawdawg2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Stupid article. i didn't see any "self confessed adulterer to endorse golf game" or "man endorses game after paying wife $100 due to cheating on her with a stable of pornstars and waitresses" articles this year somehow. I don't remember an "accused murderer endorsing football game" when Ray Lewis was on Madden's cover, or "self confessed addict" issues when Favre was in 09 either for that matter. Yes, Brett Favre was a pillpopper.

Of course he is endorsing it, his name is on the box. Some talking head at a major news outlet will read this and blow it up probably, just like the Taliban level junk, the Moscow terrorist level drama, and the Mass Effect nudity ridiculousness.

Idiotic manufactured indignation in print.

rdgneoz32900d ago

Don't forget Farve sending wang pics to a female reporter.

pcgia2898d ago

"Daly's swing coach Bruce Harmon"

It's Butch Harmon :