Analysis: Are Long Development Times Worth The Money?

Before Red Dead Redemption became the year’s best-selling console title to date (and an earnings savoir), Take-Two Interactive Software took a lot of heat over the game’s five-year development span.

To be fair, it seemed legitimate at the time. Western titles didn’t exactly have a robust history with gamers and Take-Two (and especially its Rockstar division) has never been the speediest of companies when it comes to getting games on store shelves. By the time Redemption finally shipped, expectations were low among investors (and, to some extent, players). Ultimately, it proved to be the catalyst that Take-Two says will propel the company to report its first profit in a non-GTA year.

So it’s time to turn the table on those critics. Are extended development cycles, in fact, justified?

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movements2782d ago

Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

Alan Wake didn't, same with Final Fantasy XIII. But God of War III and Red Dead Redemption sure was worth it

Game-ur2782d ago

Development time sometimes gets inflated because administration issues not actual programming.

For example FF13 development was delayed until the new generation gets in stride, and then delayed agene to get it multiplatform.

And the recent Splinter Cell was scraped and reworked from the ground up.

And the infamous Too Human was vaporware for almost a decade and only started real development on the 360.

drsnobby2782d ago

time is money in the buisness world.