'Halo to re-energise games market'

Microsoft’s UK boss says Halo: Reach will mark the beginning of a ‘regeneration’ for the games industry.

Relax, Halo: Reach will spark the games industry back into life after months of slow sales.

That’s according to Microsoft’s Xbox senior regional director for Northern Europe, Neil Thompson.

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IRetrouk2902d ago

its gonna be huge, but no one game can reenergise anything.

R2D22902d ago

Plus this is not your ODST or Halo Wars - we are talking about a game that said to dethrown Halo CE.

Plus this is Bungies fairwell game.

Plus the massive amount of features that $60 can give you.

Plus from Beta testers own words - the game rules.

IRetrouk2902d ago

yes the game does rule and i was one of those beta testers, i liked it a lot better than halo 3, but my point stands that a single game on a single platform cannot reenergise the game market.

Dramscus2902d ago

Who said it needed to be re energized?
I thought consoles were doing year on year growth, and same with games.

Dramscus2901d ago

Right right. It's just the ps3 thats doing year on year growth.

btk2902d ago

Way arrogant.
So the whole games industry is waiting in anticipation for MS to save it with a new Halo? How delusional can you get?

Move, LBP2, GT5, KZ3, many Move enabled titles (RUSE, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, TableTennis, Baseball) now that will bring life to the industry.

If anything Move is the one thing that is going to bring life back into the industry. Many titles will benefit from an accurate motion controller.

WIIIS12901d ago

Hahahaha! Move??? Like Wii already has been there done that?? lol!!

SixZeroFour2901d ago

i was with you in the first paragraph, but way to show your bias in the second :S

btk2901d ago

Let me explain -
What will change or "invigorate" the industry?

Wii brought a shock to the industry. Motion controls is cool. Even the one the Sony management did not release on the gaming community. But there was a problem with the Wii controls - it was not very accurate. And the Wii graphics was kind off last gen quality. So the kiddie games and casual market had the motion controls - and the core gamers stayed with the PS3 / XB360. So Wii showed the way to the future. It was not EyeToy - it was a wand controller. So for the industry to really get the core gamers up to pace, we need a good motion controller.

So enter Kinect and Move. HD gaming with motion controls. Problem for MS is that Kinect sucks. So how do they misdirect? By stating that yet another Halo, a fps with nothing new to the gaming industry - no new innovation or anything - is going to re-invigorate the INDUSTRY. A fps that will look about the same as 50 other fps available with the only thing going for it is that it has a huge fanbase - this fps that is available on one platform - this fps which you will have to read the label to differentiate it from the fps playing next to it - this fps is going to SAVE the INDUSTRY.

Here I disagree. A new motion controller - bringing new interest in old games, bringing new gaming ideas, realizing old ideas that did not have the control scheme available to make it successful - now that will re-invigorate the industry. This controller that makes people say "Please enable game x from 19xx back and enable this controller for it" - this is what will re-invigorate the industry. Not a strong brand fps.

Roozium2901d ago

MOVE will sell max 5 million in it's lifetime, mark my words. People already have Wii, no need for another.

btk2901d ago

I was going to buy a Wii - then the announcement of Move came out - and I held back my purchasing decision. And with the demo's of what is possible - it will sell more than 5M.

Back on topic: Halo Reach does look awesome. Heard some very good things so far. But then - I will pick up KZ3, Resistance 3, COD Black Ops - and will not really miss not owning an XB360. But for XB360 owners - who seem to really love their Halo series - with good reason - it will at least sooth the pain of the Kinect failure.

To be honest - if Halo was on the PS3 I would buy it. But I don't crave Halo that much that I will buy a XB360.

The Wii on the other hand has this cool controller that moved me to nearly buy it for that reason alone. So I for one is really glad that Move is coming to the PS3.