MS India faces heat from Xbox 360 consumers; XBL fall update date revealed

Things have been heating up lately both at and the India forums; tensions flaring, Xbox forum accounts being banned, personal attacks back and forth between Micosoft India execs and console owners. And its all for one game – Bioshock.

It all started with news that Bioshock would not release in India before late September or early October. This came as a rude shock to everyone and understandably so since this game has got the most impressive reviews in recent memory. More importantly, Mohit Anand (Country Manager, Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft India) said himself in a post on that Bioshock would release here inline with worldwide release dates (August 21 for the US and August 24 for Europe).......

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ALI-G4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

were we sh*t oil,piss oil ,wash our faces with oil $$$$$$$$ still we do not get xboxlive for one reason= the market still so small if you compare it to austrilia (way bigger than the indian market) so it is understandable when we get PS3/WII/360(ONLY ELITE) later than the rest of the word and pay more for it.if you want it in time just go to amazon and buy any PAL game and it will work very very SHIMPLE=simple.

@below; no one going to invest millions$$$ IF THE INVESTMENT WILL NOT PAYBACK and this is the case in the middleeast and the pircy in these regions are almost free

HundredProofSam4054d ago

thats the a consumer ur in a position to ask for hat u want...but ud rather go to amazon

HundredProofSam4054d ago

Xbox Live Fall update on October 29!!

SuperSaiyan44054d ago

No wonder no Xbox Live in India damn imagine what happens when it comes out...

thereapersson4054d ago

My supervisor told me his bad experiences with MS tech support and how he kept getting put through to MS Tech India. I guess his complaints weren't far off from the truth of the matter...

sjappie4054d ago

Don't launch there if you're not ready yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.