Medal of Honor: New Gameplay Looks a LOT like MW2

Product-Reviews writes: Ok, so EA has just put up a new gameplay video of Medal Of Honor onto the US Playstation Store. The first thing that came to mind when I watched it, was how similar it was to Modern Warfare 2, this is coming from a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 player.

While I know that I’ll probably get pages of comments on how Medal of Honor differs to Modern Warfare 2, I still think that both games look very alike, especially to the average gamer who just wants to play the newest FPS game that comes out.

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xYLeinen2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Think you are looking on this a bit wrong. If MoH looks like any game out there it is BC2. Everything from controls, game mechanics, perks, etc. is different from MW2.

All they did was to build on the already successful foundation of BC2 and make it infantry based with game modes know in other infantry based fps's.

In my eyes this is very good seeing I love the BC2 multiplayer and I would love a more infantry based MP from DICE, and that is exactly what they are giving me from what I've seen so far.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2779d ago

Aside from the firepower raining from the sky MoH and MW2 have nothing in commend.

BeOneWithTheGun2779d ago

but come on longrod. That looks pretty damn close to MW. FPS are blending together into this single, new breed.

I am probably the minority here, but I am sick of kill streaks and all that crap. What happened to the Rainbow 6 black arrow days? Just pick a guy, a gun and have at it?

iPlayGamez2779d ago

Have you played MoH beta? it actually plays and feels similar to MW2. "in my opinion" it plays more like BBC2 and feel and looks like MW

totallysane2779d ago

@iplay dude how you can you say you liked the beta. the beta was bugged and unplayable. besides the fact ea said the gameplay is completely different from what the beta was. yeah this does look really good, i love bc2 but im not sure about the whole kill streaks thing. considering mw2 is broken

DORMIN2779d ago

That video was pretty incredible, I see there is vehicle support. It looks like the good parts of BF and CoD combined. Must see more. O_O

SilentNegotiator2779d ago

I just remembered the family guy clip your name is from and loled.

Anyway, definitely more like Bad Company than Modern Warfare.

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outrageous2778d ago

All EA and Dice are doing are stealing all there ideas from MW2 with out the substance...MW2 wins hands down. BC2 and MoH spend all there time trying to be COD. Give it up already. Try making something original and half decent. It's sad seeing Battlefield get turned into a COD clone. I was not impressed with BC2's graphics and judging by what I've seen of MoH, it will fail as well. It's only saving grace is it's releasing a month before CoD. Once CoD releases, it will be MOH who??? If EA ever put BC2 near COD no one would buy it.

bjornbear2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

no it doesn't.

it just looks like normal modern warfare...maybe thats what they meant?

@ outrageous:

a) great wall of text hurt my eyes
b) why did they copy MW2? because they use modern weapons and modern equipment? of Battlefield 2 also rips of MW2? I don't get you kids

you think because a game uses realistic weaponry in a war scenario in multiplayer, it automatically RIPS OFF MW2.

too young to know of Battlefield 2 right? yeah...

sure somethings are INSPIRED by COD4 (mw2 didn't really do all that much tbh) but when you grow older you'll learn NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS 100% ORIGINAL - EVERYTHING NEW IS AN IMPROVEMENT FROM SOMETHING THATS BEEN DONE BEFORE.

theroadtoruin2779d ago

all FPS look the same to me.

vickers5002779d ago

All jrpgs and medieval rpgs look the same to me.

Stealth Disagreer2779d ago

All asians... wait, nevermind

Axecution2779d ago

Lmfao. XD Bubbles rofl.

theroadtoruin2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

what makes you think i like jrpgs and "medieval" rpgs? my Silent Hill icon? attention to detail fail, though i have to admit it does look kinda like a dragon.

Axecution2778d ago

Im pretty sure it was sarcasm, how every game in any genre could look the same or similar to another game in the same genre. As in, he was making fun of you for saying "all FPS look the same to me", considering the same thing could be said about rpgs, jrpgs, survival horror, TPS, rhythm, card, puzzle, racing, etc games.
He was disagreeing with you, saying that just cause FPS games may look the same [like racing games], they all play differently from one another. Killzone 2 is not Battlefield. And Battlefield is not MAG. and MAG is not CoD.

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theroadtoruin2778d ago

oh, and to the racist; without asians bringing back gaming after the crash with mario there would be no games at all today, i think you owe someone a discounted BJ.

Stealth Disagreer2778d ago

Herp derp make passive joke about things looking all the same and im racist sounds like you need to quit being overly defensive I have a metal gear avatar if you havent noticed anyway reported for personal attack and being off topic Peace

On topic medal of honor looks dumb

nickjkl2778d ago

werent pcs still up just the consoles that went down

theroadtoruin2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

@stealth keep trolling, 'cause that's what all your comments are anyway. did my opinion upset you, or was it the failed attempt to spite me?

PM me and ill tell you where you can stick your passive racist jokes, just because you have a icon of a certain game developed by asians doesn't prove you're not racist, although leaving comments like that will lead people to believe so. keep doing what your doing it will catch up with you eventually. you have also have been reported for being lame and unfunny.

Axecution2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

lmfao dude it was a joke. XD If i wanted to, i could say "all black people steal bikes and eat fried chicken". or, "Jews did WTC". or, "French people eat straight mayonnaise nonstop so much that they get distracted, hence why french people can't drive cars". or, "All native people are unsuccessful despite free schooling, because all they do is fish." or, "why do the japanese men have such small..." uh. or, ...well you get the point. xD Im not at all racist, or trying to be offensive. But if you use racist jokes right, they can be funny without being offensive.

But maybe according to random srs-business internet roadtoruinguy they still are... lmao o well.

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redDevil872779d ago

"they have even copied the predator missile killstreak from the game."

Predator missile was fun as hell to use in MW2, i'm glad its in MOH.

-Alpha2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

A predator missile was also in BC1, it was the recon's mortar strike but self-controlled to my knowledge.

Kisama2779d ago

It doesn't look any different than the other 200 generic FPS games this gen.

Pandamobile2779d ago

It looks nothing like MW2 aside from the fact that it's a military FPS...

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