Sony rules out 2010 PlayStation Phone launch

High profile rumours that Sony was to release a PlayStation phone in 2010 were wide of the mark, it seems.

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jay22784d ago

Didn't think it would being a no show at GamesCom and PAX.

TheLastGuardian2783d ago

If it is a phone I hope they still focus more on the games then apps. I mean they can have apps but I still want full on games that look almost as good as the ps3.

dark-hollow2783d ago

As good as the ps3 on an phone is hard to impossible in these times but maybe something between ps2 and ps3 graphics

sikbeta2783d ago

IF this is true and I hope so, this is CES-2011 material, Portable Gaming Device with Mobile phone features = Awesome

randomwiz2783d ago

The next psp is not going to be a phone.

However, Sony Ericsson will release a phone with powerful graphics and Android gingerbread with a dedicated games market for it.

sashimi2783d ago

I think...the Psp phone will be more like the psp mini..

SilentNegotiator2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Like Sony is seriously going to make a PSPhone amidst their "Step yo GAEM up" PSP campaign.

Just give us a PSP2. Make sure it has two sticks and try to make it cheaper than the 3DS.

8-bit2783d ago

I just want them to unveil it before a release date is confirmed...

RememberThe3572783d ago

Is every statement form this article gong to get reported as news?

Just read the Seattle Times interview: http://seattletimes.nwsourc...

JohnApocalypse2783d ago

I bet the games will be digital only if they did this

TheLastGuardian2783d ago

and make the same mistake they made with the psp go? I dont think so. Sony said they won't be doing digital distribution again any time soon. I personally hope digital distribution mever takes off. Then it feels less like the hobby of game collecting.

silvacrest2783d ago

this is what i get for putting a little faith in a engadget "trusted source" i wont be doing that again

at least announce its existence at TGS, no release date or specs needed i just want official word that it really exists

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The story is too old to be commented.