Jedward to become Face of Nintendo 'with £250k deal'

The hyperactive twins have just signed a deal worth £250,000 to front Nintendo's Christmas advertising campaign.

John and Edward will shoot a video and pose for posters next week and there will be no escaping them by the end of the year.

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timmyrulz2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

What a world we live in when any tom dick or cunt can earn super amounts of cash to be a twat, i really hate celebs with ZERO talent and lets face it, there are many

TheLeprachaun2745d ago

These guys went to my school. I regret not murdering them every day :(

RedDead2745d ago

I'm against killing for money so I guess i'll just do it for free

siyrobbo2745d ago

and so the nintendo downfall begins

prunchess2745d ago

and all three love these twins! (god help us!)

probably a good move by Nintendo.

RockmanII72745d ago

Remember Mary Kate and Ashley? This is a fad just like they were.

ravinash2745d ago

I find it bad enough that I have to keep muting my TV every time the Go Compare ad comes on.
Now I have to deal with this!

sonicsidewinder2745d ago

"We Buy Any Car" has to be muted for me. Less i smash shit up.

THC CELL2745d ago

God i hate them 2 Nintendo listen up
if you put anything to do with jedward or Justin bieber on your product i will never buy anything Nintendo again

coolfool2745d ago

Looks like you're not buying anything of theirs again then.

RedDead2745d ago

I apologise for these two fools on behalf of the rest of Ireland. They don't represent us. No one even liked them before they did their shi* on X-Factor.

Chris3992745d ago

Who are these twats? X-Factor spawn, I take it. They look like Bieber's long lost twin brothers.

This seems like a poor choice of celebrity to endorse one's product. Nicole Kindman and some of the others I can see - as they appeal to women and older demographics. Nintendo already has the "kid" appeal down. Seems like overkill.

RedDead2745d ago

Very dreadful singers, biggest puffs ever. Need I say more, they've become rich because of the way they act on stage. It's fuc*ing really annoying.

fossilfern2745d ago

Those two are the most irritating fucks alive i cant stand them !

RedDead2745d ago

A monster that should be killed with fire

Moonboots2744d ago

I was going to ask the same thing.

Is that like a Siamese Twin or something? Are they connected at the shoulder?

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iamnsuperman2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

hahahahahaha......that is too funny......I hope Nintendo now they are not actually popular in the UK.......I was listening to the Scot Mills show on Radio 1 and he was taken this piss out of them asking questions as if he was asking questions to Justin Bieber and they didn't realise even with questions like does it annoy you when your hair gets in your eyes while singing

SpoonyRedMage2745d ago

How can Nintendo of Europe be simultaneously so awesome(localisations) and lame(these marketing campaigns... but I guess they work...

Omega42745d ago

Wow epic fail on such a large scale, they ain't even liked that much.

Hopefully MS will have a better ad campaign for Kinect, but its looking like they won't have to try hard.

iamnsuperman2745d ago

They have Justin Bieber which is good because girls do what ever he says

THC CELL2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

i feel for you for once
Justin bieber for kinect campaign makes me sick i fucking hate him with a passion. and when i see people with his hair cut in my town i just want to pull there heads off, One guy had the same hair do he hates justin bieber that much he shaved his head off, said he dose not want to look like some little puff.

@ below at the speed he was doing it im sure thats not skin on his head lol

I mean hair lol

coolfool2745d ago

Shave his head off? What all of it?!? That seems a little extreme!


Chris3992745d ago

I agreed with you, till the second line of your post.

Let's just address this, not the other, fail.

Nihilism2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


It looks like that shiny thing from all the Twilight posters.

Are they lab grown or something?

Technician 1:

"I think it needs more 'pretty boy' gene 1072"