Microsoft: Halo: Reach will outsell COD: Black Ops

Microsoft honestly believes that Halo: Reach will outsell Call of Duty: Black Ops this autumn.

"It's going to be a really good fight and yes I do [believe it]," Stephen McGill, Xbox UK boss, told Eurogamer at a Halo: Reach celebrity launch event last night. "We have huge expectations."

"More than 34 million people have bought [a Halo game] and those people are going to want to play Halo: Reach. We're going to do incredibly well."

"Halo was the stand-out title when we launched Xbox ten years ago," he added. "It was the title that made FPS on consoles an accessible, fun, life-changing experience."

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dark-hollow2747d ago

its hard to outsell black ops when its available for every console unless ms want to share halo with nintendo and sony I highly doubt it will outsell black ops

TotalPS3Fanboy2747d ago

But that will not stop Black Ops from outselling Halo Reach.

captain-obvious2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

black ops is coming out for like 5 platforms i think
and that game is hyped as shit let alone it looks sick as fuck

same with Halo reach but its on one platform only
sooooooo nope
i dont think so MS

sack_boi2747d ago

I'm pretty sure Black Ops is going to outsell Reach on the X360 alone... talkless of the other platforms comnined.

ravinash2747d ago

I'm sure COD may have lost a lot of sales from the previous one as a lot of people got stung with all the cheats etc.

Halo has a big following, so I really couldn't say.

crzyjackbauer2747d ago

im pretty sure a lot of COD fans are not going to buy BO
its a Treyarch game i cant forgive them for COD3
im staying with MW2 and REACH

a lot a of people just hate MW2 but they dont actually realize that
they suck at the game and blame it on the kill streaks and perks

BO is the same thing only with RC cars and Smiley Face red dots

KiLLUMiNATi_892747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )


Black ops is for all platforms and halo reach is for 1. Black ops is going to blow the waters outta halo reach sales wise. MS better stop smoking that kush because it's not happening.

Black ops looks amazing and I personally don't think halo has no chance at all of being better then black ops NOO CHANCE.

WhittO2747d ago

Well that bold of them to say, since Black Ops has 2 months to sell until the end of the year while Halo has over 3...

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princejb1342747d ago

ms is to confident with reach
dont get me wrong we all know its gonna sell like cupcakes
but i know many individuals that hate halo same is said for blak ops
but like someone said above me
black ops is a multiplatform game so theres a higher chance of selling halo reach

crzyjackbauer2747d ago

any 360 owner whos getting BO is getting REACH first

Besides REACH is a Console seller
BO is not

rekof2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

@ crzyjackbauer ,..
Seller to whom? People cannot wait to hop into the halo after 6 games,.. You must be smoking some of that MS stuff,.. Most gamers who don't own 360 by now, don't give a rats ass about Halo,..
System seller ,.. to 360 owners re-buying supposedly more reliable system ,.. than maybe,..

I bet Black Ops will move more 360s than Halo Reach,.. And that is multiplat,..

crzyjackbauer2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

you dont give a ratass about halo
yet you already have your copy preorder on gamestop
360 slim is selling like hot pancakes and REACH is not even out

Moonboots2746d ago

^^^^ actually hot pancakes are down %4 YoY ^^^^

Flapjacks > lamecakes

- Flapjack fanboy

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hennessey862747d ago

they mean on 360 only but that will be a hard task itself, cod is a hugely popular game

DigitalAnalog2747d ago

Ummm... Nasty.

-End statement

HeroXIV2747d ago

Activision pay for Black Ops advertising... not Microsoft.

scofios2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

if they want reach to outsell black ops , then why did they even bother to have those black ops MP maps time exclusive ?

8thnightvolley2747d ago

well ya i dont think it will outsell blackops but if it does that says ALOT.. as in.. seriously on one platform to outsell all.. that is no easy feat

outrageous2747d ago

Who wins...M$ does AGAIN. Both those games will sell extremely well and M$ with the best on line service out there wins. M$ locking up COD time exclusive multi-player maps ( next 3 years ) will be a big draw to the hardcore who want to master the maps first along with there clans...well played M$.

As for the Halo Vs COD battle...they are completely different games with different stories and gameplay. While COD reminds everyone of modern day warfare, the halo universe is a more sci-fi friendly game. Halo will strike first blood with a 2 month head start going into the critical holiday season. I think MOH, if the reviews and gameplay hold up could also attract alot of gamers eager for a more MW2 type gameplay.

Black Ops will of course sell more overall because it is a multi-platform title and a great one at that. MW2 is still selling and doing well.

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Wizziokid2747d ago

it might out-sell Black-ops in terms of 360 sales alone but since COD is on multiple platforms it wont outsell it as a whole.

k-Lan2747d ago

Coming from DA CELL YO. lmao! Go get hyped up for LBP2.

Blazing_Crabs2747d ago

You mad because you have no games?

BeOneWithTheGun2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

LBP2 is a fucking sweet looking game from what I've seen. I am GameFlying Halo and Black Ops but I am purchasing LBP2.

MRMagoo1232746d ago

lol you say that like ppl shouldnt be buying LBP2 every person that owns a ps3 that got the first one will be getting the next one and then more people still will be buying a ps3 for this game too.I know all you have left is one halo then the rest of the 360s short life will be filled will gear of war 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and fable but pls keep your jealousy out of this.

THC CELL2746d ago

yea i can create something better on lbp
so i will get hyped

Beta is awesome by the way

NYC_Gamer2747d ago

black-ops will sell more because its multiplat

k-Lan2747d ago

OMG!! Sherlock is still alive! Obviously MS is speaking for the 360 only. God damn people are dumb these days. The huge majority seem to be PS3 fanboys. lmao!

UP2747d ago

why are you such a jerk to everybody?

SprSynJn2747d ago

I think the more appropriate question would be: "Why don't you go out and get a life?"

Makidian2747d ago

The comment by Microsoft wasn't refined to say that he was only talking about the X360, so yeah, it was a blanket statement to include all of CoD sales on all platforms. in case you have been living under a rock, Microsoft tends to state in absolutes, even though they are almost always wrong. He seems to think that 34 million people will buy Reach because that is the combined sales of all the games that have been released. That's akin to Sony saying that GT5 is going to outsell every game ever because 55 million+ games have been sold in the franchise. The logic is retarded, so why don't you use your brain.

MRMagoo1232746d ago

COD will outsell halo on just the 360 anyway so who cares

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bustamove2747d ago

Poor K-Lan, lol.

Get this man some games to play Microsoft!

Anyways, I think Black-ops will sell more.