5 of the most controversial videogame commercials

The sole purpose of any TV advertising campaign is to tempt potential consumers into purchasing any given product. Videogames being what they are – an influential form of interactive entertainment – they require a certain punchy, cutting-edge, and often daring promotional approach to capture their target audience.

Furthermore, to set videogame ads apart from more traditional advertising, they also tend to employ boundary pushing, shock tactics, and morally debateable content delivery in order to gain gamer attention. But what happens if said tactics are taken that little bit too far?

GamerSquad presents a selection of the five most controversial videogame-related television adverts of recent times.

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MK_Red3986d ago

Good find but a controversial list without Mortal Kombat or its famous commercials (MK1 arcade and MK2) is incomplete in my book.

solidt123986d ago

What the hell was Microsoft thinking. From birth to death, that was sick but im sure it was effective.

UltimateTroll3986d ago

The Xbox one has a hidden message in it, meaning you get the console at first and by taking one shot of it you will kill yourself, no wait that's not it, yea know i know the console dies within 2 fuking minuits of playing time haha lol, it was actually MS that tried to ban the advert because it was expossing there little scam about the console lighting up on fire lol haha how funny.

Jeebus3985d ago

They drew a little line on that guy's finger, and they kept it in the shot way too long. no wonder it got banned.