Resolution: Marble Madness retrospective

Resolution's Peter Willington writes: The Atari produced Marble Madness is a quaint little title at first glance. This isometric 1984 racer/ puzzler/platformer hybrid wowed players of the time with its faux 3D environment and impressive early stereo sound, being ported to several home consoles and inspiring design for an – ultimately canned – sequel.

And yet… that title. Atari went with the at-the-time-popular alliteration route for the game. A snappy, two word, easily remembered name that would easily sum up to players what to expect. Marble Maze, Marble Mission, Marble Masters… no. No Mark Cerny’s first design outing was to be known as Marble Madness.

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angryjedi2724d ago

This game is infuriating but addicting. It also spawned hundreds of wannabes for home computers, many of which were superior games designed to take advantage of longer play sessions possible while sat at a computer. SpinDizzy and Airball spring immediately to mind.