Critical Gamer: Global Agenda: interview

Critical Gamer writes: Now subscription free, jetpacks, futuristic weaponry… the idea of Global Agenda gets us surprisingly excited for an MMO. After grinding to level 18 by repeatedly slapping passers by in the face, we hunted down Hi Rez Studios’ executive producer Todd Harris and forced him to answer our questions at minigunpoint.

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Jim Crikey2901d ago

I'm not a fan of MMOs, but this one sounds different. Whether it is or not is another matter entirely.

scruffy_bear2901d ago

Not sure about Global Agenda, there's way to many MMO at the moment

Cubes2901d ago

Glad to see they dropped the subscription fee. It really puts me off when I see a game that needs a subscription to play it. We pay enough for broadband without these fees adding to our monthly bills.