Move Compatible Flight Control HD priced for PSN

M2G Writes:

Firemint has priced Flight Control HD for PSN, as well as releasing a new gameplay video.

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Erotic Sheep2870d ago

One of the best games on the iPhone in my opinion. Will surely get some fun on the PS3 out of it :D

2870d ago
wotta2870d ago

Did you see the night level in the video? Quality.

Its not being released in US though only Uk and Europe. :(

SprSynJn2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

I was just about to charge my American account up for it. Very unfortunate.

Also mentions Australia. So maybe the US will get it eventually.

Hairy Chewie2870d ago

Firemint that makes flight control is an aussie company, probably why.

SprSynJn2870d ago

We Americans can dream, can't we?

2870d ago
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