BlazBlue Continuum Shift: Toshimichi Mori Speaks

NowGamer interviews BlazBlue, Guilty Gear and Battle Fantasia designer Toshimichi Mori about BlazBlue Continuum Shift and the state of beat-em-up culture in Japan and the West - "I think BlazBlue’s 2D artwork really appeals to all anime fans, not just in Japan but worldwide. I think 2D art is special in that hand-drawn images have something that is very hard to achieve with 3D – it has heart. I think this trend will continue with 2D art as long as the artist put their heart and soul into it. People often think that because it’s 2D it’s more basic – this isn’t true."

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dredgewalker2748d ago

I wish they would make a Guilty Gear and Blaz Blu crossover game.

fastrez2748d ago

That would be incredible mate!

It's quite cool to see games like BlazBlue, that are usually very niche, branching out slowly into the mainstream but still retaining its core values.

dredgewalker2748d ago

One can dream, its unfortunate that the license for Guilty Gear is owned by someone else now. I'm a fighting game nut and Blaz Blu right now is the pinnacle of 2D fighting games and keeps the spirit alive. I still prefer 2d animation vs the 3d graphics on fighting games.

kagon012748d ago

That is I'm gonna buy KOF XIII and hopefully Arcana Heart 3...

Redempteur2748d ago

not sure about arcana heart3 ( loved the first but the second wasn't a pleasant expérience )
but kof 13 is definitly something i might take in the future .

BLazblue CS was a pleaseant expérience can't waitto try platinium

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